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Safe, Environmentally Sound Heating Oil Tanks

You can rely on Point Bay Fuel and Roth oil tanks to provide the top of the line home heating oil storage solutions in New Jersey. Roth oil tanks feature a double-walled construction for ultimate safety, reliability, and performance that you expect!

With Point Bay Fuel’s comprehensive fuel oil knowledge, training, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy in knowing that your home’s heating oil is stored properly.

Built With The Environment In Mind

Get Complete Safety With A Roth Oil Tank Solution by Point Bay Fuel!

Point Bay Fuel is here to help you make sure your home or business’s oil is stored in the best oil tank offered in today’s market. With Roth oil tanks, you get a company that is known for exceeding the industry standard for safety regulations. The reasons why are:

  • Outer Tank Made From Weld-Free, Leak-Proof Galvanized Steel
    • Completely Rust Resistant Inside And Out
    • Role Seemed To Create A Oil And Fire-Resistant Seal
    • Prevents Leaks, Spills, And Fires
    • Only Tank On The Market That Has No Fittings Under It
  • Inner Tank Made Of High-Density, Blow-Molded, Seamless Polyethylene
    • Leak-Proof
    • Corrosion Free Design
  • Unique Expansion System
    • Easier And Faster To Fill
    • Reduces Chances Of Spills By Home Heating Professionals
  • Thorough Testing
    • Ultra-Sound And Pressure Testing

Roth Oil Tank

Roth USA manufactures the best oil tank storage solutions available on the market today! These durable tanks offer the best in quality and durability for your fuel oil storage needs!

  • Outer Tank Made Of Galvanized Steel
  • Weld-Free Design

Best-In-Class Warranty

Roth Industries offers what might be the best warranty policy in the heating market.  With a 30-year limited warranty that covers any failures of the tank due to workmanship issues or defects in the material. Including any failure of the internal storage tank due to internal corrosion. This warranty also offers $2M in insurance against possible property and environmental damages caused by spills.


Trusted Fuel Storage Solutions For Your Home

One of the many reasons why we trust Roth oil tanks is their commitment to excellence. Through their dedication to their products, you'll receive the maximum level of safety, security, and comfort for you and your loved ones. Here are other examples of why you should choose Roth for your next fuel oil storage tank:

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Point Bay Fuel and Roth Is A Winning Combination For Dependable Fuel Storage Solutions

You can count on your Point Bay Fuel and Roth USA to provide the best solution for your home or business with regards to an oil tank replacement and upgrade. Roth double wall oil tanks are the safest, best environmental solution for New Jersey customers. Coupled with the best warranty in the industry and the expertise of Point Bay Fuel technicians, you can rest assured knowing that your fuel is being stored correctly!

Call (732) 349-5059 to get started today by requesting a complimentary, no-obligation, in-home estimate to see how affordable a new Roth oil tank can be for your property.

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