What is Superior Oil Delivery?

What is Superior Oil Delivery?When it comes to keeping customers’ tanks topped up, how does a company maintain superior oil delivery services throughout the long New Jersey winters? The fact is that the best oil heating suppliers, like Point Bay Energy, understand when their clients need more fuel in order to satisfy their needs. We deal with filling those needs as efficiently as possible. How do we do it? Read on to find out!

The Idea of Degree Days

Superior oil delivery requires knowing what the customer needs before they need it. In order to figure this out, we use a formula that focuses on degree days. What is a degree day? It’s the unit of measurement used to calculate the heating requirements of a particular building when the temperature inside the building falls one degree above or below the specified average household temperature. To determine what the average outdoor temperature is, we add the high and the low value together and divide by two to determine the mean. Then, if you want to raise your building temperature by thirty degrees, we calculate thirty degree days of temperature increase and have a value for the amount of fuel you are likely to use.

Miles per Gallon for a building

Just like your car calculates miles per gallon, we can calculate how fast you utilize fuel. We assign a value termed a K-factor to the building which tells us the rate at which you consume fuel. The size and age of your home or office as well as how efficient it is at maintaining a heated state all affect the K-factor of a building. The shortfall of this system is that it cannot calculate individual usage. Everyone’s “comfortable temperature” varies, even for the same person. While 65 may feel comfortable one day, you may prefer 75 on another day. Individual usage is the wildcard in this scenario, but based on the situation, we can estimate when you’re going to need a refill so you don’t have to go without heat.

Reliable Delivery

The most important benefit you get out of superior oil delivery is that you don’t have to worry about a delivery before a storm. Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery and get the peace of mind that Point Bay Energy Heating and Cooling is monitoring your fuel usage so you won’t get stuck in the cold and save money in the long run. With a superior oil delivery service offering 24/7 emergency service, you can rest assured that your heat will always remain on, even in the worst situations.

Prepare for Delivery

For superior oil delivery to be a reality, you have as much a role to play as them. Oil deliveries count on being able to access a tank easily so that delivery can be done on a schedule. To this end, you should ensure that the path to your fuel point is cleared of obstructions, including snow. If you have any questions or comments about superior oil delivery service, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Point Bay Fuel today!