Oil Heat for Realtors – What You Need to Know

Oil Heat for Realtors - What You Need to KnowSelling an oil heated house requires a basic knowledge of how oil heating works. The thing is, many companies don’t provide a rundown of oil heat for realtors as they should. A few go on whatever knowledge they’ve picked up over the years, but heating a home can be a big concern. Our oil heat experts have put together this guide so that you can reference it with your clients and see how it can affect the overall costs of a house. Here are a few home heating oil facts that you can explain to potential buyers.

Guide to Oil Heat for Realtors

1. Oil heat is Clean Burning
When explaining oil heat to realtors, many suppliers fail to mention that heating oil is one of the most efficiently burning fuels that are available for use today. Older heating systems tend to start producing a lot more pollution over the years. The current oil heat system has been tested by the US Department of Energy and was found to create virtually zero emissions. While most people think about smokestacks belching black fumes when they consider the burning of oil, the blended fuels prove that to be a lie by giving you a clean way to heat your home.

2. Oil heat is Efficient
Another amazing quality of oil heat is how efficiently it heats a home. In tests, oil heating systems have been shown to produce up to 95% efficiency in generation of heat. To compare, gas heating systems top out at around 80% with many of them only delivering 70% to 78% efficiency. It was calculated that one gallon of heating oil could deliver as much as 120,000 to 140,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) of heat. If you’re concerned about getting more bang for your buck, then oil heating is the way to go because of the sheer efficiency it gets per gallon of fuel.

3. The Wave of the Future
In the last decade alone, over 300,000 houses have been built with oil heating installed. This brings the total amount of homes heated with oil in the US to over seven million. As time goes by, the cost of heating oil will slowly begin to drop as the US produces more of its own stock of oil. This translates into sustained lower priced for homeowners who adopt oil heat as a means of keeping their homes warm.

4. Emergency Service
Point Bay offers 24/7 response services in the case of an emergency. We also engage in preventative maintenance to ensure that our customers have peace of mind through even the most adverse New Jersey winter weather. This means that no matter how bad a storm gets you can be sure that your heating will remain on thanks to the tireless work of the professionals at Point Bay Fuel who take their jobs seriously.

Oil Heat for the Home

Oil heat for realtors represents a movement away from the norm of gas heating and gives the buyer something that is now coming back into popularity. Recent oil price drops have made it an even more attractive proposition to use oil to heat a home because of the price and how efficient the system is at producing heat. Contact Point Bay Fuel today to get an even better understanding about oil heating systems and how they function.