Trends in Oil Prices in NJ for Winter 2016

Oil Prices In NJ

The National Weather Service is observing ocean and atmospheric conditions that reflect “enso-neutral” conditions this season. If these conditions continue, many are predicting above-normal temperatures across the U.S. this winter. That could mean another season of using less heating oil than average – which is great for your pocket! As a bonus, experts are predicting…

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Common Questions About Residential Fuel Oil Tank (Plus Answers)

It’s spring, which means it’s house-hunting time! As you’re flipping through the listings and scoping out the open houses, you may be curious about the benefits of those with home heating oil. New and seasoned homebuyers alike may not know all the ins and outs of a residential fuel oil tank, but that’s what we’re…

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Heat Your Home for Less: Heating Oil Prices Half of Last Winter

Heating Oil Prices Half of Last Winter

Good news for homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties: heating oil prices remain competitive and have actually been driven down since last year! Combine the lower cost of fuel with the additional benefits of an oil-burning unit, and your energy bill could be substantially lower this winter. Keep reading to learn why prices have dropped…

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The Good News about Heating Oil Prices

The Good News about Falling Heating Oil Prices

Since 2010 the world has held its breath as it monitored the spikes in oil prices. In America, especially for the colder months, it meant a marked increase in heating oil prices and that, in turn, meant an increase in how much residents end up paying for heating. Fast forward to 2015 and people are…

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