Heat Your Home for Less: Heating Oil Prices Half of Last Winter

Heating Oil Prices Half of Last WinterGood news for homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties: heating oil prices remain competitive and have actually been driven down since last year! Combine the lower cost of fuel with the additional benefits of an oil-burning unit, and your energy bill could be substantially lower this winter. Keep reading to learn why prices have dropped and how to ensure you see the savings and keep your heating bills under control.

Reasons for Competitive Heating Oil Prices

Fuel oil is widely used throughout the United States and Canada, particularly in the Northeast. Oil is easier to transport and, therefore, more economical. Although prices have risen for other basic essentials, including postage and food, oil heat has remained cost-effective. Crude oil produces both heating fuel and gasoline, so the demand for gasoline creates a surplus of heating fuel. This surplus lowers the cost for suppliers, who in turn pass the savings on to home and business consumers.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Energy Information Administration track the prices homeowners pay for heating fuel. Since current and historical data is readily available, there are multiple user-based websites that bring together government data with area consumer feedback and information. These types of sites give you the ability to check your energy costs against other homeowners in the area.

Stretch Your Dollars Further

To further increase your savings this season, schedule a home energy audit and implement a few energy-efficient measures on your own. With a few simple winter energy savings tips, you could drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your system. Ideas include sealing drafts in windows and doors and installing additional insulation around pipes and in the attic.

Additional Benefits of Oil-Burning Units

In addition to paying less in fuel costs, you should see energy savings on your bill thanks to the efficiency of the unit. Your unit should heat your home quickly and efficiently, using less energy than an electrical system. Plus, the system’s even heat is warm and cozy, the perfect setting to safely withstand the winter. With Point Bay Fuel offering automatic fuel delivery and 24/7 emergency delivery, you will never have to worry about running out. Whether you have oil or natural gas, we offer emergency service so that your family is never left in the cold if your furnace or boiler stops working in the dead of the winter.

Saving on Heating Oil Prices with Point Bay Fuel

What will your family do with the extra money you save on energy costs this year? With heating oil prices about half of last winter’s cost, you could see significant savings. Contact Point Bay Fuel today to schedule a home energy audit, automatic deliveries, or unit inspections and servicing. Fill out our simple online form or call us today at (732) 349-5059 for more information.