Does it really burn hotter? Get the Facts on Home Oil Heat

Oil Heat

Home oil heat is used by many Americans to heat their homes; it is a cost-effective, efficient, clean and safe fuel that has been used for years to keep families warm all winter long. Of the 111 million households in the United States, approximately 8 million use oil heat for the home as their main…

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Home Oil Degree Day Calculation

Find Your Home Oil Usage By Calculating Degree Day

Home oil automatic delivery is based on a calculation that takes into account two pieces of information: the heating degree day (HDD) and the K-factor that uses the degree day value to determine when delivery for a particular household is needed again. Understanding the HDD calculations allows you to determine how an oil delivery company…

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Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Oil Heating

Real Estate Agent's Guide to Oil Heating

In recent years, oil heating has gained in popularity, partially due to the availability of inexpensive heating oil and partially due to the economic benefits that it offers to homeowners. As a real estate agent, there are several benefits to consider when marketing an oil heated home; below our heating professionals will address the top…

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How Does an Oil Heating System Actually Make Heat?

How An Oil Heating System Actually Works

Oil heat is common in our area, and many New Jersey homeowners continue to make the switch. Natural gas can be costly to transport, and electric-based systems often drive up utility bills, making oil heating even more appealing. Though when thinking about investing in a new system or continuing maintenance on your existing unit, you…

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