Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Oil Heating

Real Estate Agent's Guide to Oil HeatingIn recent years, oil heating has gained in popularity, partially due to the availability of inexpensive heating oil and partially due to the economic benefits that it offers to homeowners. As a real estate agent, there are several benefits to consider when marketing an oil heated home; below our heating professionals will address the top three:

  • How effective is oil heating in providing warmth to a home?

Oil heating systems have become far more efficient in providing a heating solution for homeowners. Some modern oil heating systems can manage an efficiency level of as much as 90%. Recent technological advances such as “Clearburn Technology” combined with modern heating equipment have made these fuels far more effective as well as environmentally-friendly even in the coldest months.

  • Oil heat is a clean fuel source

Modern oil heating is a very different process from the gas systems used many years ago that caused stereotypes for heating systems. Oil heat technology today has been tested to be as much as 95% cleaner burning than fuels of just 25 years ago. In fact, emissions from this type of fuel systems are so small, they are no longer covered under the Federal Clean Air Act because they are counted as ‘negligible.’ The current oil heat system has been tested by the US Department of Energy and was found to create virtually zero emissions.

  • Oil heat is abundant and cost effective

One of the major turn-offs in previous years regarding oil heat was the availability of oil supplies. Heating oil is a publicly traded commodity, which means that there will be fluctuations in price from season to season as demand changes and supply rises to meet it. However, because of the presence of a large number of oil suppliers throughout the US, there will always be a supply of oil to homes that need them together with an affordable price limit. Current estimates of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve puts it at 700 million barrels of crude oil, the world’s largest emergency stockpile.

Selling Homes with Oil Heating

A real estate agent’s job is to market a home on its virtues. Oil heat should be seen as a virtue because of all the benefits it presents to the client in both the long and short term. As an additional peace of mind, Point Bay offers 24/7 response services in the case of an emergency. We also engage in preventative maintenance to ensure that our customers stay comfortable and safe through even the most adverse New Jersey winter weather conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more about homes with oil heating, visit our FAQ page and contact us for more information. We have a strong commitment to our customers and pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers’ needs with a personal touch that only a local, family-owned business can provide. You expect the best from us, and we deliver nothing less!