Take Advantage of Our Referral Program

If you are already a regular Point Bay Energy customer, you understand how valuable finding a company that offers consistent, professional, and courteous service is. If you have friends, family members, and co-workers unhappy with their current heating oil suppliers or HVAC specialists, let them know that Point Bay is the perfect full-service solution for their needs. By doing so, both you and your referral will be eligible for HVAC discounts thanks to our superior referral program. Keep reading to learn more!

referralsThe Power of Referrals

Have you ever asked a friend or co-worker for a personal recommendation for doctors, auto mechanics, or other specialists? More than likely, you welcomed and trusted their word and were extremely thankful for their advice. Word-of-mouth referrals help us grow our business, but they also give you a chance to help fellow homeowners in New Jersey find the answer for their heating and cooling-related issues. Your friends and colleagues will be grateful you spoke up and suggested Point Bay, and standing behind your recommendation will boost your personal credibility and reliability.

Why We Can Offer Rewards

Each time you recommend a new customer to Point Bay, we will give you account credits based on their agreements and activities. We are able to offer these HVAC discounts because we want to build a loyal customer base with strong relationships. Many of our current HVAC clients have been with us for years, or even decades! Aside from that, building our customer base through a strong referral program helps us keep our marketing costs down, which in turn enables us to keep our service rates competitive and cost-effective.

How Point Bay Fuel Referral Rewards Work

Sharing your experience with others and encouraging them to use Point Bay results in both parties receiving HVAC discounts as credits on your individual accounts. You may qualify for the rewards each time you refer a new customer, which we define as any customer who has not received Point Bay goods or services at their address within the past three years. To get started, simply talk to your friend or relative and then provide us with their name and basic contact information. We will contact them to discuss their servicing needs, and you will both receive account credits once their purchases or services have been paid in full.

Available Award Amounts

There is a limit of one reward per referral, but there are many different ways that you can earn that reward. If your friend opens a new automatic delivery account, for example, you each get a $75 account credit. Or, if your referral purchases a Gold Plan oil service agreement, each account receives a $40 credit. Since summer is approaching, consider advising your neighbor to update their air conditioning system through Point Bay. If they sign a contract for a new central a/c system, you both will receive a $100 account credit.

Learn about all of the types of rewards here, and then talk to your friends and contact Point Bay at (732) 249-5059 or online to start getting rewarded!