10 Ways To Save Money On Home Heating Oil

Save Money

The cold winter weather can tempt us all to crank up the heat. Not so fast…. before you reach for your thermostat, learn how to save money on home heating oil through conservation and smart choices first. Point Bay Fuel is committed to helping New Jersey homeowners conserve energy and save money, while staying comfortable,…

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Your Ultimate List of Apps to Help Reduce Energy Usage

Reduce Energy Usage

Gotta love technology, right? But with so many apps on the market, it can be tough to determine which ones are reliable and which ones will just take up precious space on your mobile phone. We found a handful of apps that specifically help you calculate, track and reduce energy usage at your home or…

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Winter Wonderland: 8 Things to do in Ocean County in the Winter

Ocean County

The lazy days of winter may be the best time of the year to turn on Netflix and snuggle up in your cozy home with loved ones. But once cabin-fever set in (and the kids start saying, “I’m bored), you may find yourself looking for things to do in Ocean County to get out of…

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Trends in Oil Prices in NJ for Winter 2016

Oil Prices In NJ

The National Weather Service is observing ocean and atmospheric conditions that reflect “enso-neutral” conditions this season. If these conditions continue, many are predicting above-normal temperatures across the U.S. this winter. That could mean another season of using less heating oil than average – which is great for your pocket! As a bonus, experts are predicting…

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How to Prevent an AC Breakdown

Many air conditioners are designed to have a bit of moisture build-up on the machine, but if you notice more than just slight moisture, you may be experiencing some larger scale issues. Air conditioning units can be needy (kind of like your car) in the sense that if you don’t get regular tune ups and…

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Take Advantage of Our Referral Program

If you are already a regular Point Bay Energy customer, you understand how valuable finding a company that offers consistent, professional, and courteous service is. If you have friends, family members, and co-workers unhappy with their current heating oil suppliers or HVAC specialists, let them know that Point Bay is the perfect full-service solution for…

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