The Benefits of a Tune Up on Your AC

Air conditioning is vital in the warm months. But what if your air conditioning unit could be better, producing cleaner, cooler air that will save you money with just a simple tune up. What if something is wrong with your AC system? Your AC is expected to last anywhere from 12 to 15 years, but that does not mean it should not receive checks, which sustain its durability. Better call a professional technician just to make sure. The technician will check the indoor, outdoor, and connecting pieces of your AC unit.

With the indoor inspection, technicians will check these areas:

  • Is the indoor blower setup correctly?
  • Is the refrigerant metering device sensor mounted securely?
  • Is the blower and coil clean?
  • What is the condition of the supply duct?
  • Is the condensate drain connected properly?
  • Is there clear airflow?

This is also a good time for the AC professional to check your SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This helps you determine if your AC unit is the proper fit for your home. If your AC unit is too big or small, you could be wasting money or not cooling your entire house. The higher the number rating the better your air conditioning unit is for your home.

Once the technician heads outdoors, he or she will be checking the following:

  • Are the coils clean?
  • Are electrical connections tight?
  • Are there any signs of discoloration on electrical components?

The technician will then turn the system on and monitor its operations. Does the system turn on and off without any issues? The technician will then check the temperatures of the liquid and vapor lines to see if the system is running correctly, as well as, the refrigerant temperatures. Then he or she will examine the filter temperatures to see if there was a significant drop, which could mean it needs to be switched out.

If the technician finds it necessary to change your filters, they will do so. When you change the filters, it keeps the bad air out and the clean, cool air in. This also helps you ensure the life span of the AC unit and effectiveness. Our experts at Point Bay, recommend changing your disposable filters every month when the machine is in use. If the filter is non-disposable just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now the preseason checkup is complete and the customer is ready for the dog days of summer. But something must be kept in mind this was just a generalization of the process from experts in the field. Every system has its specifics that need to be addressed. If these sounds like too much for you to handle on your own, or you think, it would just be easier and stress-free to have a professional take a look call 732-349-5059 or fill out a contact form. We also offer free estimates at Point Bay. We have been serving Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey since 1906.