The Benefits of an Annual Service Plan

Would you like to ensure that your heating or air conditioning system is functional and will last as long as possible? Then sit back and relax and allow our technicians handle the job with our annual service plan. Our trusted team of experts will ensure that you have nothing to worry about with your home heating and cooling systems. Our plans are designed to provide our customers with state-of-the-art services that will enable your AC and heating units to reach their maximum potential. The benefits of these plans are tried and tested through over a century of superior customer service. It is no wonder our customers remain dedicated to our team.

With continuous maintenance on the normal wear and tear of parts, chances of major malfunctions are significantly decreased. Our service plans offer the attention of our best technicians. Our service agreements cover many things that typically go wrong with your heating or cooling systems, and our annual tune ups are guaranteed to increase the longevity of your systems.

We currently provide four easy to use plans for our customers:

  1. Gold Plan is for oil furnaces and boiler maintenance.
  2. Our Oil Water Heater Plan is for oil-fired water heaters.
  3. The Gas Plan is for gas fired furnaces and boilers.
  4. The Platinum Plan is for central air conditioning units.

We have continually updated these plans to give the customer the best service experience possible at the lowest industry cost.

For example our Gold Plan covers the following features in its annual maintenance coverage, which take place once a year at the customer’s convenience:

  • The use of combustion equipment to test and adjust oil burners to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • The cleaning and electrodes, check on the nozzle assembly, and clean furnace and all pipes.
  • Install customer-supplied air filters. We supply the other parts if necessary.
  • Oil all motors on burner, fans, and circulators.
  • Check for safety on operating controls.

In our next blog we will cover the specific benefits of choosing our annual AC service plan.

Our certified technicians uphold the highest standards of professionalism that we insist of them. Our family-owned company is full-service—we do not subcontract any of our work. Because of our dedicated customer service our customers trust the services we provide. They expect to be able to sit back while we handle the heating and cooling systems year round. Our service plans continue to grow in popularity. We service Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey.

At Point Bay, our dedicated technicians are the best at what they do. If you are ready for us to make sure your heating and cooling systems remain at top performance, call 732-349-5059 for a free estimate or fill out a contact form on our website. Let us get your AC running at peak performance, and help save you money by avoiding the early retirement of your system.