Quick and Simple Ways To Stay Cool

Perhaps you were coming home from work when it happened: you stepped into an unreasonably warm house, with no familiar hum from the air conditioner ready to comfort you with cool, refreshing air. When your AC breaks in mid-summer, living and working at home can be miserable due to high heat and humidity. Thankfully, there are many quick and simple ways to stay cool:

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Breaks

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Breaks

Assess the Situation

If your air conditioning unit will not turn on or suddenly stops working, start by troubleshooting. There are several things that you can check on your own, including the circuit breaker for a blown fuse. You should also ensure that the unit’s air filter is clean and that there are no leaks or overflows in the drain pan.

Unsure of what to do next or suspect a more serious issues? Contact the HVAC specialists at Point Bay; we are conveniently located in downtown Toms River and offer our customers around the clock 24/7 emergency service in case problems arise.

While you wait for repairs, pay attention to the warning signs of heat-related health problems. The Family Caregiver Alliance lists several signs that could indicate you or a loved one is overheated, including headache, nausea, and heat fatigue. In the meantime, follow these tips for staying cool in a home when your AC breaks.

Cover Windows

Your first line of defense involves taking a stand against the sun. Close the blinds in any windows that face the sun, particularly during the mid-to-late afternoon. Remove dark-colored curtains and replace them with lightweight, linen or gauzy fabric that lets light in without attracting additional heat.

Reduce Heat Production

While your air conditioner is on the fritz, avoid adding to the heat in your home. Do laundry either very early in the morning or in the late evening. Plan meals that require minimal use of the stove and oven, and avoid turning on excess lights, appliances, and electronics. Try switching out your light bulbs from the standard incandescent bulbs that give off most of their energy as heat, to compact fluorescent bulbs that provide light without over-warming the room.

Create Breezes Using Fans

Many people know that ceiling fans should run in different directions in summer versus winter months, but do you know why? As Ashleigh Schmitz Morley for Weather.com writes, setting your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise in the summer pulls warm air up to the ceiling and away from you. This action does not lower the actual temperature of the room, but it can make it feel several degrees cooler due to the breezy, wind chill effect.

Aside from ceiling fans, utilize a variety of box, standing oscillating, or desktop fans to cool off. Strategic fan placement can make a huge difference in how cool your home feels. Follow this WikiHow guide to help determine the best ways to improve airflow by using fans.

Choosing the Best AC Company

When your AC breaks, contact Point Bay Fuel for fast, friendly, and reliable service. Contact us today by calling (732) 349-5059 or filling out our short online form for a prompt reply.


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