5 Tips for Automatic Oil Delivery Service in the Winter

Automatic Oil Delivery ServiceYou want to guarantee warm, comfortable heat during the cold winter months, so you order early and get set up for convenient automatic oil delivery service. Our CDL licensed drivers are here to get you the fuel you need when you need it, but there are a few simple things homeowners can do to make our job a little easier in the winter months.

5 Winter Tips for Automatic Oil Delivery Service

1. Plan Ahead

For those who take advantage of reliable automatic oil delivery service, there’s no reason to worry. Point Bay will monitor your fuel needs using a Degree Day system. Simple and stress-free. If you’re not enrolled in automatic deliveries, don’t let your tank get any lower than a quarter full before you call for a refill. A tank at 30%, will give us enough notice to schedule a delivery. Due to the snow and ice, deliveries may take longer than usual, so plan ahead so you’re sure to have enough fuel all winter long.

2. Clear the Drive

Wake up to a fresh snow fall? Make sure your driveway is cleared of snow and ice when you know a delivery is on the way. Consider a 9-foot to 10-foot-wide clear path for the delivery truck. If the driveway is covered in snow or too icy, drivers may not be able to make it to your tank to deliver the fuel your home needs. Some driveways may also need to be sanded or salted. Even if your car can get down your driveway, it may not mean that a large, heavy fuel truck can too.

3. Shovel a Path

From the driveway, be sure to shovel out a path all the way to your fill area. Considering that the days are shorter in the winter months, drivers may have to deliver in the dark, so flip on the outside lights while we’re there to shine the way.

4. “X” Marks the Spot

Mark your fill pipe to assist drivers in finding your fill pipe, keep your vent clear of snow and remove icicles from overhead to prevent the dripping water from freezing over your vent and fill pipes. Carefully use a broom (not a shovel) to remove snow and ice from your vent and fill pipes.

Obstructions (such as snow or ice) could cause your system to lose power, or worse, your home could fill with carbon monoxide gas (a toxic gas that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless).  ‘

5. Consider Special Occasions

Even if you’re an automatic oil delivery service customer, if you’re expecting a change in your household —long family visits, extended travel, a newborn, additional living space, new appliances, etc.— please inform us of these changes since this could likely affect how much fuel you’re going to use to stay comfortable and cozy as usual.

Point Bay Fuel Automatic Oil Delivery Service

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