Find Out Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Leaks Water

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If you notice your air conditioner leaking water Lakehurst NJ, it has probably raised some concerns for you. Normally, air conditioners filter out water while operating. Sometimes, when water leaks from your AC unit, it is generally because it collects condensed water and pours it out into your drainage. The only time you should be concerned is if your air conditioner is excessively draining out water at an alarming amount. In this case, you should immediately have an AC specialist examine your unit for any damage. Point Bay Fuel offers professional air conditioner services. We can properly diagnose why your air conditioner is leaking water.  Homeowners should be aware and know when it is important to call for professional help. In this article, we will summarize the principal causes for this.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

By knowing what causes a leaking air conditioner, you will be able to…

repair any issues before they escalate into major issues. Smaller issues are much more affordable to fix. Also, the performance of your system will improve when you repair any issues early on. While some reasons for an air conditioner leaking water outside are not major and do not require the skills of a pro, there are some that do. Below you will find out which ones call for immediate attention.

Light Water Leakage

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If your air conditioner has a small amount of water dripping from the system, you should not be overly concerned because it is a standard operation for your system to go through. The reason you see water dripping from your system is because of the warm moist air being collected. Your air conditioner evaporates and condensates the air into water drops. The water drops then go through a filtering system and flow down into a drainage pipe. Most of the time, you will not even notice the water dripping, particularly if your unit is connected correctly.

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Other Causes For Air Conditioner Water Leakages

Condensate Drain Blockage

The droplets collected from the air are filtered through a condensate drain. A condensate drain is designed so the water that is filtered can flow through your air conditioner. Sometimes the droplets can carry dirt and dust which forms into mud mixed with the water. The mud that is created packs up over time and blocks the condensate drain. When this happens, it results in an overflow in the condensate pan. An overflow in your system typically happens when you neglect to maintain your AC unit.

Air Filter Blocked

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Your AC unit will have an air filter that will separate the air from the dirt and dust in your home. The air filter is one of the remarkable features that come with an air conditioning unit. You would be surprised at how much an air filter actually does for your indoor air quality and the health of your air conditioning unit.

The reason why your air filter clogs up is that the dirt and dust particles build up and block the screen. Once this happens, your air conditioner will no longer be able to filter enough air. When this happens, the water drops that are collected will start to freeze. Water drops that start to freeze will turn into ice. The ice will melt when you disable the system and it reaches room temperature. As a result, an overflow will occur in your condensate pan.

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Damaged Condensate Pan

If you have an older AC unit, your condensate pan can crack due to rust and tear from long-time usage. The condensate pan acts as a filter for water drops. When the condensate pan is damaged, your air conditioner will leak out through the system. You can avoid this from happening by having an expert clean it for you during an AC tune-up.

Poorly Installed AC System

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Your air conditioner will also leak water if your air conditioner is not installed correctly. There are times when the drainage pipe to your air conditioner is not connected to the system securely. Without a proper connection to your AC unit, the filtered water will leak out. You should call an HVAC contractor to evaluate your system and reconnect the pipes to ensure your system works accordingly.

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Signs To Know When To Call For Help

Many people will see water dripping from the AC unit and believe there is an issue right away. You should observe the water leakage of your AC unit (if the water is flowing out continuously and in large amounts). It would be wise to have an HVAC expert check out your system to save yourself from damaging your unit. An air conditioner that leaks an excessive amount of water can be dangerous.

You can also avoid water leakage by making it a habit to maintain your air conditioner regularly. By maintaining your cooling system annually, you will be able to avoid problems with your AC and save money in the process by preventing unnecessary repairs.

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