Is Your Air Conditioner Making A Strange Noise?

homeowner hearing hissing noise from air conditioner due ac making noise

Air conditioners are not built to be a hundred percent quiet. New units will still produce some sounds that are normal for its everyday operation. These sounds are typically nothing to be worried about. However, there are cases where an air conditioner making noise is a symptom of a bigger problem. Therefore, it needs to be checked by an HVAC expert immediately. A part or some parts of your system might not be working correctly, which could be the reason behind the noise. If this is the case, your air conditioning unit might not be operating as it should as well.

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What Air Conditioner Noises Should I Be Aware Of?

Newer models of air conditioners are quieter than older ones. The advances in technology had made noise-dampening possible so that air conditioning units generate noise that is only at 55 dB or less. This way, your AC’s noise level matches that of a standard dishwasher. If your air conditioner has a problem, you will likely hear these sounds:

Air Conditioner Is Buzzing

If you hear buzzing sounds from your AC, it is likely experiencing an electrical problem, or the fan blades in the outdoor unit are out of balance or loose. Other causes could be other loose components, damaged outdoor fan motor, or dirty condenser coils. An air conditioner refrigerant leak can also cause your air conditioner to emit a distinct buzzing sound.

Humming Coming From A/C System

image of air conditioner compressor

An air conditioner that is producing a humming sound might have a defective contactor relay switch. When this is the cause, your AC might not switch on. Let a licensed HVAC technician to handle this issue as this is an electrical problem that is best left in the hands of a professional. Humming noises can also be because of fan motor problems.

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Air Conditioner Clicking

Air conditioners emit a clicking sound when the cooling cycle begins or ends. However, if there are frequent or continuous clicking noises, you could have a faulty thermostat. The thermostat needs to be replaced by a professional cooling technician when this happens.

Air Conditioning Screeching Sound

image of a homeowner plugging ears due to air conditioner noise

A screeching sound is one of the most distinct noises a malfunctioning cooling system will have. It most likely has a problem with the condenser’s fan motor. The fan’s job is to get rid of the heat from the refrigerant. Therefore, if the fan is defective, your system will not be able to cool your home effectively.

Another culprit behind the screeching noises is a damaged blower fan motor. This component helps in the heat and humidity removal inside your house by pushing the air to the return ducts. The air is then cooled in the air conditioner before the blower fan distributes them through the air vents. Other causes of the screeching sounds are a bad fan belt and damaged fan motor bearings. Call your local trusted technician immediately when you hear loud screeching noises from your AC.

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Air Conditioner Clanking

A clanking sound might mean that a metal component of your air conditioner is loose, and it is hitting another metal component. If this is the case, you likely need to get this loose or unbalanced part replaced. For instance, the blades might have become loose in the indoor blower or outdoor fan of your AC. The blades will then hit other parts and produce the clanking sound. Do not let this issue escalate further, and call an HVAC expert before the damage worsens and might need a costly repair.

A/C Unit Whistling

image of an hvac contractor checking ac refrigerant levels

If you hear a whistling or a high-pitched sound from your air conditioner, it might be because of a refrigerant leak. Another culprit is high pressure in the compressor. Whichever of these might be the cause, make sure to have a professional HVAC contractor handle it immediately. These issues are serious, so turn off your air conditioner and let a professional resolve the problem.

Cooling System Is Banging

A defective compressor typically emits a banging noise. This sound is generally heard from older cooling units because age and regular use can prompt some parts to loosen or unfasten. It could also be that an AC component, such as the crankshaft, piston pin, or connecting rod, is broken. The banging will also be heard if your air conditioner has an imbalanced indoor blower. If this is the cause, you will need to have a professional replace the air conditioner compressor.

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Rattling Coming From Air Conditioner

A rattling noise within your AC might be because there is loose debris inside the outdoor unit. Debris could include twigs, clumps of dirt, and leaves that fell inside the outdoor condenser. This is easy to repair as all that needs to be done is open the condenser and remove the debris. If the condenser is clean and you still hear a noise, the problem might be because of a defective electrical contractor. Call a professional right away and get it fixed before it causes more damage.

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An air conditioner emitting loud, unusual noises can be experiencing mechanical problems like a damaged blower fan motor, a faulty fan belt, or a malfunctioning fan. If the fan blades are loose, you will likely hear a whirring sound. A best-case scenario would be that there is only debris trapped in the indoor blower fan or outdoor fan unit. However, if the sound you hear is like when the paper hits a fan, consider it a warning that the problem is more serious.

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All air conditioners undergo a manufacturer’s quality test. Therefore, if it is installed properly and maintained regularly, your cooling system will likely last 15 years or more. However, like any other machine, it will no longer perform as it used to as time passes. You will probably hear more noises as components become worn out over time. Do not hesitate to call your local, trusted HVAC contractor to help you identify the problem behind the sound. This way, correct solutions are applied at all times.


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