Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

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Summers are unbearable without an air conditioner. Homeowners should make sure that they have a reliable cooling system in the coming months. When you learn about the common air conditioner problems and the corresponding prevention methods, it can go a long way towards reducing stress and improving comfort for the whole season. Below are the most notable air conditioner problems that homeowners experience.

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Air Conditioner Problems That Occur During The Summer

This article discusses some common air conditioner issues that occur during the summer. By being aware of such problems, you can keep an eye out and avoid a major air conditioner issue.

1. Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

The AC would be completely unresponsive if the circuit breaker tripped. Reset before testing again. Check if the plug is loose and re-plug if necessary. Replace the thermostat batteries if these are dead. In case the problem persists, call an HVAC technician for proper diagnosis and repair.

2. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

hvac air filter replacement

The job of the central air conditioner is to fill your house with cooler air. If it is not able to do so, then check whether the air filter is clogged up with dirt. This prevents air from flowing freely through the unit. The condenser might freeze which reduces the system’s cooling ability. Regular HVAC filter replacements can prevent this.

3. Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside Unit

This situation may be triggered by a variety of reasons. The coolant may be running low because of an AC refrigerant leak. The outdoor temperature could be plunging. It may also be a problem with the blower motor or a lack of sufficient airflow. The best way to know for sure is to get an HVAC professional to look at the unit.

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4. AC Refrigerant Leak

air conditioner refrigerant

The refrigerant is the lifeblood of the cooling system. If it leaks out, then the AC will have performance and efficiency issues. Power consumption will go up, cooling will be uneven, and coils will begin to freeze. The compressor might even get damaged. Regular inspections can alert you of possible refrigerant leaks for early intervention.

5. Air Conditioner Making Noises

A constant low hum is normal but odd noises are not. Listen to the unit carefully because each type of sound indicates a different kind of problem. Clicking noises point to relay issues while hissing indicates a leak. Rattling can be traced to the motor assembly while buzzing suggests electrical faults. HVAC contractors will know the problem right away once they hear the air conditioning unit.

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6. Frozen Evaporator Coil

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The evaporator coil needs continuous airflow to prevent freezing. Those who encounter this problem must check the entire pathway for any blockage. The culprit may be a broken fan, clogged vents, or dirty air filters. Periodic cleaning and maintenance can easily prevent this.

7. Electric Control Failure

Air conditioners work best when operating at a steady-state. Frequent cycling can accelerate wear and tear, especially in the compressor. The fan motor and blower motor controls can be affected as well. These may lead to electric control failure that will prevent the affected parts from responding.

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8. Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

image of a leaking air conditioner

Condensation can occur in the coils on humid days. The moisture usually flows out of the unit via specially designed drain channels. If these channels are blocked or broken, then leakage may ensue. Causes include blocked drain pipes, broken condensate pan, and improper installation. Cleaning the inside can correct this right away.

9. Drainage Problem

Poor drainage leads to stagnant water inside the AC unit. This can encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi. Over time, foul odors will permeate the house. This is both unpleasant and unhealthy. Professional inspections and maintenance can help prevent bad smells from developing in your unit.

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10. Sensor Problem

Thermostat sensors are responsible for detecting the current temperature. ACs will turn on if the room is too hot and turn off when it’s too cold. Improper sensor placement can lead to faulty readings. Technicians can fix their positioning and perform calibrations to ensure optimum function.

Easy Steps To Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

1. Check The HVAC filter

hvac air filter

A lot of problems stem from dirty filters. Listen to the advice of the manufacturers and replace your air filters regularly. It’s one of the best ways to avoid headaches. The recommended replacements are between one to three months. But, you should let the condition of the filters guide you. Get a replacement if the surfaces are clogged even before the scheduled date.

2. Clean The Condensing Unit

The outdoor unit is constantly exposed to dirt and debris. Dirty coils will not be as effective in transferring heat outside. This can easily be remedied by cleaning the surfaces on a periodic basis. Fallen leaves, trash, twigs, and other objects should be removed as well.

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3. Install A Programmable Thermostat

hand adjusting home thermostat

Remove old thermostats and replace them with new ones that have better calibration and performance. Get a programmable thermostat if possible. Set the timers to your preferred schedule and temperature. This should improve precision while reducing energy consumption.

4. Make Sure That Nothing Is Blocking The Vents

The vents should always be open to allow air to flow freely. Sometimes poor airflow is due to objects that are blocking these vents including curtains, furniture, and other items. Keep an eye on these sensitive spots so that you can immediately correct the situation whenever necessary.


Cooling systems can fail when you need them the most. The best way to prevent this is to be proactive with monitoring and cleaning. Homeowners should also stick to a regular maintenance schedule so that experts can perform thorough inspections and tune-ups. If repairs are required, then seek professional HVAC technicians right away. Only they have the skills and experience to determine the real source of the problem. They provide excellent results at reasonable rates.

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