Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

air conditioner repairWhen seasons change, many homeowners experience strange-smelling air coming out of their air conditioning ducts. Some even say that the odor is similar to very dirty socks, which can mean a pretty strong smell wafting through the air. Is the air conditioning system broken, ready to fail, or in need of immediate repair?

Fortunately, the dirty-sock syndrome, as most HVAC experts label it, is not a red alert situation. However, it does mean you should call an HVAC professional. This way, you can find out how serious the condition is and what you can do about it.

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Air Conditioner Repair Howell NJ: Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

Here’s a quick look at the various causes and remedies to the problem.

What Causes The Air Conditioning Smell?

respiratory problemsWhen the air in your home smells like unclean socks, the most likely suspect is a dirty A/C or heat pump coil. All sorts of impurities can get onto the coil and turn it into a virtual test tube of microorganisms and other stuff that can emit powerfully bad odors.

This is the worst place for odors to exist because the HVAC system then spreads them throughout your home as the air circulates.

Sometimes mold can develop on the coil as well, which means even more problems. Mold does more than add to the bad odor because it has the potential to cause health problems for anyone who lives in the house, especially small children and elderly adults.

Most of the bad odors, whether from mold or other agents, are caused by moisture buildup on the coil itself. Sometimes during the in-between seasons when you don’t use the system very often, water accumulates and attracts impurities that can lead to strong odors.

Another common cause of water buildup is a faulty draining system. Drain lines can become clogged, have a slope that doesn’t allow for proper drainage, or suffer from cracks and holes after years of use.

Finally, if the air-return system allows dust and other impurities to adhere to the coil, then the dirty sock smell will soon be everywhere. When the return duct has leaks in it, that dusty air gets into the HVAC system and goes straight for the moist areas. That usually means it ends up on the coil.

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What An HVAC Expert Can Do About It

Dirty sock syndrome might not be a life-threatening emergency, but it can lead to serious problems. This aspect is especially true if there’s mold involved and your coil is overrun with impurities. Always call a professional HVAC contractor if you smell anything odd coming from your air conditioner or heating system.

A trained expert can determine whether your coil simply needs to be cleaned or has to be replaced. It’s important for homeowners to understand that most coil-replacements take place when the unit is still under warranty.

In most cases, a new coil is covered by the warranty. In cases where only cleaning is needed to remove the sock odor, the cost is minimal. The technician only has to use a standard cleaning agent to get the excess gunk off the coil.

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How Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Help You Prevent Air Conditioner Repair

hvac repairAs is the case with so many health and home problems, prevention is a smart policy. When it comes to your HVAC system, a professional can do several things to make sure an odor problem does not recur. Also, with proper maintenance, they can help prevent an issue like this from occurring in the first place.

Some of these tasks include effective methods like doing a thorough cleaning of all your home’s air ducts. They also can switch out low-quality HVAC filters with high-grade media filters. Furthermore, they can properly seal all the ductwork. Besides, they can repair any problems with the water drainage system. If necessary, they will even place a UV light so that it shines directly on the coil. Doing so helps prevent microbial buildup.

The truth is, there’s plenty that an HVAC technician can do. They can not only prevent odors but to eliminate them when they occur. Be sure to schedule an annual AC tune-up to ensure optimal performance of your system.

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