Simple Tips To Remove Excess Humidity From Your Home

high humidity in homeNothing is more frustrating than dealing with high humidity levels indoors. While HVAC systems provide optimal comfort year-round, humidity can still rise with correlating summer temperatures outside.

While most digital thermostats offer humidity control, many home or business owners do not know how to program them. With this in mind, only a licensed and dedicated HVAC specialist can control the humidity within your home, apartment, or business.

Lower Humidity In House: Why Is My House So Humid?

From installing dehumidifiers to lowering humidity levels on thermostats, HVAC professionals do it all. They also offer a range of tips to remove excess moisture from your properties. This includes regular HVAC maintenance, which keeps systems performing at peak rates. Here are some more ways to reduce these levels across the board.

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Use Your Fans To Reduce Humidity

Excess humidity in the home makes it difficult to sleep and enjoy the cool indoor temperatures. Similarly, you can experience excessive perspiration and frizzy hair. High humidity also causes mold and mildew to grow faster. This can cause problems for loved ones with respiratory issues and breathing issues.

To combat these issues, simply turn on the ceiling fans in your rooms. This is truly an energy-efficient way to keep your properties cool and comfortable. Since fans ventilate a room, they create air circulation. Likewise, they also facilitate evaporation. Fungus thrives in warm, moist areas of your home that have non-moving or stale air. Just adding a fan will help prevent humidity and its associated issues.

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Reduce Humidity In Your House Through Proper Ventilation

ventilation fansOne of the main culprits of excessive humidity is improper ventilation. In fact, your HVAC team can check for proper lines of air return within your home or office. They also check the ducts for obstacles that are hindering system performance. They even ensure that the kitchens and bathrooms direct air outside and not back into the attic.

Another option is to turn the ventilation fans on or crack open a door or window for fresh air circulation. This will do the following:

  • Cross-ventilate fresh air while removing the old air and humidity outside.
  • Eliminate excessive moisture in rooms that can lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Remove the moisture from heavy moisture areas like showers, bathrooms, and dryers and washers.

Take Colder Showers To Lower Humidity Levels

Another easy way to reduce humidity in your home is by taking colder and shorter showers. While hot showers are more relaxing, they cause humidity, heat, and moisture levels to rise in your home. This is via steam which can trap moisture and increase temperatures. With colder showers, you can de-steam your bathrooms while feeling completely revitalized and rejuvenated. Try leaving your bathroom door open to draw in additional air if desired.


Install Home Dehumidifiers & Lower Humidity

Dehumidifiers are known to reduce humidity levels in your home. Similarly, they preserve the cool temperatures in your rooms while eliminating excess moisture. Speak to your HVAC company about installing a dehumidifier in your home.

Run Your Air Conditioning Unit To Enhance Home Comfort

air conditionerMost AC units keep homes cool and remove humidity from the air. They also chill your temperatures while absorbing warmer air. However, it is best to run your unit earlier in the day to prevent humidity from building up. Remember, it is easier to maintain humidity in homes than trying to lower them.

Therefore, keep your AC units at desired temperatures and try reducing moisture. You can use the humidity levels on your digital thermostats. If you still have an old, conventional thermostat, a reputable HVAC company can replace it with a modern one.

Schedule Essential HVAC Inspections & Maintenance

Even with dehumidifiers and reliable HVAC systems, these units can overwork and experience mechanical failure. This causes an immediate spike in humidity and heat in your home until your systems get serviced and/or repaired.

As a form of proactive, preventative maintenance, simply have your HVAC systems checked twice at least twice a year. This can catch any problems before they result in extensive damages to parts and components. From topping off refrigerant levels to checking systems for air leaks, local HVAC specialists do it all.

Be sure to call a local HVAC company to schedule HVAC maintenance and repairs when necessary. Take advantage and ask them about anti-humidity tips and techniques. After all, they are specialists in this area.

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