How Long Does An Air Conditioner Installation Take?

cooling seasonSummer is fast approaching. Households need to make sure that they have an adequate cooling solution during the hot weather. Air conditioners can help them beat the heat as long as they perform well.

However, homeowners who have cooling systems that are well beyond their lifespan should consider replacing it before the sweltering heat arrives. They should complete this task as soon as possible.

Many often wonder how long an air conditioning replacement or installation takes. The answer will vary according to several factors.

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Factors That Impact An Air Conditioner Replacement Island Heights NJ

In this article, we discuss a few of the most important factors that influence the timeframe for an air conditioner replacement.

Size Of The Island Heights Home

If you are going to install central air conditioning, then the size of your home will have to be considered in the estimate. A small house may only require a single unit, whereas a large mansion will need several air conditioning units to serve the entire space. HVAC contractors will calculate the cooling requirements of the house based on floor area, ceiling height, orientation, regional climate, and other considerations. This load calculation is also known as a Manual J calculation. With their help, you can avoid paying extra for oversized or undersized cooling systems and enjoy a comfortable home.

Type Of Air Conditioner Installation Needed For Your Home

air conditioner replacementYou will also have to think about the type of installation job that you want to accomplish. If you are only aiming for an air conditioner replacement, then things will probably move faster. This involves only the replacement of the A/C unit while keeping everything else intact. An HVAC contractor can remove old units with performance issues and frequent breakdowns while the ductwork remains in place. Generally, skilled technicians can finish this task in a single day.

Full system replacements that involve the cooling unit, the heating system, the ductwork, and everything else will take a lot more time to finish. Estimates range from 3 to 5 days for residential customers. The cost and duration of such a process may feel like a burden, but sometimes it is necessary to push through with the plan. For example, homes that are several decades old may have damaged ductwork that affects energy efficiency. Replacing this will make the whole system perform much better overall.

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Type Of Air Conditioning System You Purchase & Install

The design of the air conditioner will also impact the length of the installation process. Central air conditioning systems can take several days to install, depending on the home, ductwork configuration and many other factors. Ductless mini-split systems take less than one day to install for simple, single head installations. In cases where multiple heads are being installed, the installation may be a full day or two. Each individual home situation is unique.

Therefore, depending on the type of system that is being installed and the factors that are necessary for proper installation, an air conditioner installation can take less than one day to several days to complete. It is best to ask your local HVAC contractor to give you a better estimate.

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Where Is The Cooling System Location?

AC and furnace replacementHomeowners will have to consider where they plan to install their air conditioner. If it is in an easily accessible area, then they can expect a shorter installation period. A good example would be heating and cooling systems located in the garage. However, if the area is hard to reach, then there could be some delays. Some cases require the use of a crane just to lift the unit to the rooftop. Things could also go the other way, with units being buried deep in basements causing their complications.

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Path Availability Affects An AC Installation

It would be prudent to factor in the availability of paths for the wires and ducts, especially if HVAC systems are being installed for the first time. The lack of prior installation means that you will probably have to drill holes through walls and floors. This circumstance could take a while if dealing with concrete barriers. The structural integrity and the electrical wiring of the house will have to be taken into account as well. HVAC technicians cannot randomly select spots to drill through as they might hit vital parts of the building.


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