How Ceiling Fans Help Reduce Your AC Costs

ceiling fan and air conditionerCeiling fans cool with convection, which is moving air. Moving air provides a cooling effect on your skin by increasing evaporation, which removes heat from your body. This effect can be quite pronounced and cause you to feel much cooler despite the fact that the air temperature remains the same.

In fact, the heat from the fan motor might actually increase the temperature because of friction. Strangely enough, ceiling fans can also warm your rooms in winter by distributing heat more evenly throughout a room. Hot air rises, and ceiling fans are in an ideal position to send the hot air back into the living area of a room.

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Energy Efficient Homes Point Pleasant Beach NJ: How Ceiling Fans Work To Cool Your Environment

Using a ceiling fan can cool you off independently or in conjunction with your air conditioner. The fan blows the cool air throughout the room and cools you through skin evaporation. However, it’s important that you operate the fan in the right direction.

The fan blades must push the air downward. If you can’t feel a breeze when standing under the fan, you need to switch the fan off and reverse its direction.

Using your fan with your air conditioner can save money. You can raise the temperature on your air conditioner by 3 or 4 degrees and still get the same cooling effect when you run the ceiling fan correctly.

Essential Ceiling Fan Considerations

energy costsAlthough it sounds strange, the more blades your fan has, the slower the air will move. An increased number of blades make your fan operate more quietly, but they reduce the flow of air. Larger fans, however, generate greater air flow. Standard rooms, between 144 and 225 square feet, need a 44-inch fan for proper cooling. Fans that use incandescent light bulbs heat up considerably and might counteract the fan’s cooling effect. That’s why it’s best to use fans with low-energy LED lights. You should also remember to turn your ceiling fan off when nobody is in the room. The cooling effect is useless unless someone is there to feel it. Fans cool people, not rooms.

Saving Money On Your Point Pleasant Beach Cooling Bill

It won’t take long to recover your investment in a ceiling fan. Lifehacker reported that one study found that a ceiling fan lowered the temperature by an average of 4 degrees. Australian studies found that raising the temperature on an air conditioner by 1.8 degrees decreased running time by 10%. [1] If you set your air conditioner at 78 degrees instead of 74 degrees, you save an average of 23 percent on your cooling costs.

Simple calculations of the energy savings of using a ceiling fan have an average of $34 per month. Ceiling fans only cost $5.82 per month to run for 18 hours a day. You’ll stay cool all day and save more than $100 per year on energy expenses, depending on where you live. You’ll save even more if you live in an area with a year-round hot climate. You might find that you don’t need to turn on your air conditioning on relatively mild days. Just turn on the ceiling fan when you’re in the room.

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Savings On Air Conditioner Repairs And Replacements

The savings generated by ceiling fans can be even more impressive. Raising the temperature on your air conditioner reduces the wear on the motor’s parts. Your air conditioner will last longer and need fewer repairs. Ceiling fans are versatile and run for years, and they cost quite a bit less than AC units. Ceiling fans are very energy efficient, so you save considerably on energy costs, AC repair bills. You also get more use out of your air conditioner!

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