Great End Of Summer Tips For Your Air Conditioner

air conditioner serviceSummer is a busy season for air conditioners. They work hard all day and night to keep you comfortable despite the outside heat.

As the warm months wind down, it’s time to plan for AC maintenance work. It is a great time to check on the unit and make sure that it is still in good shape after the stress it went through.

Air Conditioner Service Asbury Park NJ: How To Maintain Your AC Unit At The End Of Summer

The following are great tasks to add to your end-of-summer checklist:

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1. Perform An HVAC Air Filter Replacement

Filters are silent workers that ensure good air quality, energy efficiency, and system longevity. Thanks to these components, dust and dirt particles aren’t distributed through the house so you can breathe clean air. Just remember that this can get dirty over time as layers of unwanted particles stick to the filter’s surface. An obstructed air filter prevents air from passing through, thus compromising the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Manufacturers advice replacement every few months. Sometimes you might even want to replace these every month if dirt quickly builds up. The process is easy, and you should perform filter changes regularly.

2. Outdoor AC Perimeter Clearing

outdoor air conditioning condenserHomeowners should also check their outdoor unit for air circulation. If the outdoor condenser is near plants, then you have to make sure that leaves and branches don’t grow within two feet of the unit. A blocked outdoor unit could prevent air from flowing into and out of the system. After the summer, you probably want to clear the perimeter of the AC unit. Get rid of the fallen leaves and dried branches. Use large cutters to trim the bushes. Take out any debris that may be lying around.

3. Air Conditioning Unit Coil Cleaning

Air conditioner coils are vital for heat exchange. They let the refrigerant absorb the heat from the indoor space and expel the heat outdoors. This process is necessary for the system to work as intended.

If the coils are dirty, then the refrigeration cycle will not be as energy-efficient as it could be. More energy will be needed to cool down the indoor space.

Clean up the surface of the coils for better performance. If you are not sure what to do, then ask help from the professionals. You should also make sure that the condensate line is clean and free from clogs.

It is best to leave many of these tasks for a professional HVAC contractor. They can use their trained eye to inspect your unit to ensure that it is in top condition. Call Point Bay Fuel today to schedule an appointment.

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4. Conduct An AC Examination

air conditioner servicesBe sure to perform a thorough examination of the AC unit. So many things can go wrong throughout the summer. Although the air conditioner may continue to work, performance might degrade unless these problems are found and fix as soon as possible.

Listen to your AC to sense whether there might be signs of underlying issues. Is there any rattling or whirring noise? Look around to see if there are any frayed wires, mold growth, and dirt buildup anywhere. Technicians can handle these problems to ensure optimal performance of your air conditioning unit.

5. Consider A Heating And Cooling Tune-Up Combo

Since you are already checking on your cooling system, why not do the same for your heating system as well? Winter is coming, after all. While you spoil your AC for the service rendered during the summer, you should also be preparing your heater to serve you well in the coming months. It is best to fix any problems in the fall rather than deal with them once the extreme temperatures hit.


6. Call An HVAC Professional For Best Results

For heating and cooling service, call a reputable HVAC professional in your area. These licensed and trained technicians have the skills and the tools necessary to complete the tasks for your home heating and cooling equipment. Let them check your AC and heater to find issues that untrained eyes may not be able to spot. They will finish everything much faster and do a better job overall.

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