Top Myths About Air Conditioning

air conditioner servicesCentral air conditioning units have been commonplace in homes for the last half-century, but even so, many myths exist about what air conditioning can and cannot do. In fact, many commonly believed myths can actually end up costing you more money in electrical bills and HVAC repair costs.

Air Conditioner Service Allenwood NJ: Top Myths About Air Conditioning

In this article, we separate fact from fiction and debunk the myths so your central air can run more efficiently.

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Myth #1: Turning The Temperature Down Will Result In Quicker Cooling

This myth persists from the time when central air conditioners were first installed in homes, and homeowners really didn’t know how to operate them. Many owners of air conditioners at the time would turn down thermostats drastically, thinking it would make a difference in the amount of cooling produced. The simple fact is, however, that your air conditioning works just as hard to cool an area one degree as it does for five degrees. Therefore, it won’t cool your home any faster.

Myth #2: Bigger Units Cool Better

This myth is problematic on several levels. First off, the energy expenditure of a unit that is overly large would negate any possible savings and it won’t cool your home any faster. Secondly, you could end up spending more money on energy costs because an overly large unit won’t be properly sized for your home.

When purchasing a central air conditioning unit, it must be properly sized to match your home. HVAC contractors use factors such as orientation toward the sun, number of windows, etc. to determine the size. A unit that is too big will frequently cycle, meaning that it will turn on and off repeatedly.

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Myth #3: Run Your Old AC Unit Until It Can’t Operate Any Longer

outdated air conditionerSure, you may not want to lay out the money for a new air conditioning unit. After all, they run several thousand dollars. At the same time, however, you’re wasting energy and experiencing higher electricity bills. You may not notice the latter as you’ve probably been using a similar amount of energy for years. However, today’s units are much more energy-efficient than those manufactured even 10 or 12 years ago. If your air conditioning unit keeps breaking down, don’t repair it. By replacing it, the money you save in energy costs will pay for its purchase within several years.

Myth #4: An Air Conditioning Unit Only Cools Air

Your cooling system does much more than cool interior air. It also helps remove humidity, which plays a part in your overall comfort. Running your air conditioning does something else too: it helps clean the air inside your house. Many newer units also have a dehumidification switch that will remove more moisture from the air on days with high humidity. While your air conditioner won’t filter out as much as an air purifier, the filter inside your air conditioning unit will trap allergens and dirt particles. This, alone leads to healthier indoor air.

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Myth #5: Your Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Matter

Yes, it does. The placement of your thermostat affects how often your unit will run. Thermostats should be placed on an interior wall away from direct sunlight. Your thermostat should also be kept away from furniture so that air can flow around it. Placing a thermostat in direct sunlight will give inaccurate readings.

Myth #6: Only Call An HVAC Professional When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly

Think of your air conditioning technician as your unit’s doctor. Just like people, air conditioners need regular checkups to ensure that all parts are working properly. We recommend annual preventive maintenance where one of our HVAC technicians inspects and lubricates all working parts, as well as thoroughly cleans the unit. A dirty air conditioner works harder, resulting in higher energy bills and premature equipment failure.

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