Bioheat Fuel Delivers More (Clean) Heat Per Gallon

Go Green With Bioheat Fuel Bioheat fuel has burst onto the scene as the fuel of the future, delivering more heat per gallon burned than traditional natural gas, but with the benefit of burning much cleaner and requiring less maintenance costs in the long term. In addition, 2016 is forecasted to be a very busy year as market opportunities for biodiesel blends continue to expand.

The Future of Biofuel

At the recent National Biodiesel Conference & expo in Tampa, Florida, the National Biodiesel Board senior technical advisor, Steve Howell addressed some exciting changes ahead. In addition to stringent water and sediment controls, Howell said another measure he will be working on this year is “balloting an S15 grade of heating oil in D396. This is ultra-low sulfur heating oil with 15 ppm that will be balloted into No. 1, No. 2 and B6-B20 grades under D396. He said this is important because the Northeast U.S. intends to reduce the greenhouse emissions from energy expended to heat and cool buildings by 80 percent come 2050.”

“I envision going to one heating oil standard, and that will be performance-based.”

Environmentally Friendly

Bioheat is clean. It’s efficient. And it’s an environmentally friendly game changer. A recent article in AGWired, News from the World of Agribusiness, quotes Eric Degesero who runs the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey:

“We’ve worked out addressing our fuel being ‘dirty’ from a traditional environmental perspective,” said Degesero. “We worked very hard to remove sulfur from the fuel which we did, and we hadn’t even got that across the goal line and they kicked in a new game around greenhouse gas and global warming potential. That is where biodiesel blended into heating oil, thus the term bioheat, is a game changer because it allows us to be better than our competitor, which is natural gas in the Northeast that is relative to emissions across the board.”

Biofuels are the Future

In a time when environmental concerns are reaching a head, dealing with the problems of unblended fossil fuels can be a massive task. By choosing a provider like Point Bay Fuel to deliver your home heating oil, you take a positive step in saving the environment and helping the country as a whole move away from its dependence on oil. In 2016, the onus will be on us as consumers to drive the push away from the consumption of oil and into other types of alternative fuels such as Bioheat.

Ocean County Bioheat Fuel Company

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