New Goals for 2016 by National Oilheat Research Alliance

National Oilheat Research Alliance Goals For 2016The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has set new goals for 2016 to remain current with their methods of fuel delivery and efficiency. From the opening of a research and training center to the sustained development of biofuels, 2016 proves to be an exciting year. A one million dollar education campaign is also on the books, as well as a conference for interested parties in order to increase outreach and education of the layman in the intricacies of oilheat.

Training and Research Lab

Termed the “Liquid Fuels Research Center,” this lab offers a wide variety of oil heat-related resources including classrooms and training equipment for use by students and a conference room to accommodate meetings. Although the research center is aimed at in-house research into biofuels (as well as a demonstration center for interested parties such as real estate agents), NORA plans to retain its working relationship with Brookhaven National Laboratory. The center is expected to be fully operational through the course of this year.

Fuel Research

In order to stay at the top of their game, NORA has decided to do some extensive testing on B5 to B20 fuels in order to get a feel for how they behave after being stored for long periods. John Huber, president of NORA, admitted that there were reports of irregularities of burning fuels stored for great lengths of time, but these were as yet unconfirmed. In 2016, NORA seeks to survey fuel users throughout the country and test those fuels for extended storage conditions in order to develop equipment that could better utilize these fuels that have been stored for a long periods of time.

Consumer Education

Outreach is also another area that NORA seeks to get more involved in for 2016. Using excess funds from prior to 2010, NORA authorized a one million dollar consumer education project that focuses on using the internet for information distribution. A combination of informative clips and details about the oil heat industry will allow the average consumer to appreciate the industry and how it works in the framework of the modern economy.

2016 and Beyond

The oil heat industry is a constant and stable part of the national economy. As such, it is able to provide services to the public that many people who own oil heating systems aren’t even aware of. Outreach and education are a great way to bring the industry into a favorable light with the public.

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