Don’t Get Zapped by Utilities: Save Energy with Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil

With electricity rates on the rise, New Jersey homeowners are seeking out ways to prevent spiking utility bills. Since new, high efficiency heating equipment could help save homeowners up to 30 percent in energy bills for immediate savings, it’s no wonder more are turning to home heating oil as their top choice for home comfort.…

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10 Ways To Save Money On Home Heating Oil

Save Money

The cold winter weather can tempt us all to crank up the heat. Not so fast…. before you reach for your thermostat, learn how to save money on home heating oil through conservation and smart choices first. Point Bay Fuel is committed to helping New Jersey homeowners conserve energy and save money, while staying comfortable,…

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8 Tips to Getting Restful Sleep in the Heat

How to Get Restful Sleep in the Heat

As the fifth heat wave of the summer continues to roll on across the state, temperature records are getting shattered and many New Jersey residents are starting to feel restless. The heat combined with the humidity make things more difficult, including sleep. Since most of us sleep best in moderately cool rooms, these hot summer…

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Common Questions About Residential Fuel Oil Tank (Plus Answers)

It’s spring, which means it’s house-hunting time! As you’re flipping through the listings and scoping out the open houses, you may be curious about the benefits of those with home heating oil. New and seasoned homebuyers alike may not know all the ins and outs of a residential fuel oil tank, but that’s what we’re…

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Top Reasons to Choose Point Bay, Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Point Bay

Looking for the best Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company? Look no further! Founded in 1906, we have been (and always will be) a family owned and operated business. Our staff of courteous professionals provides reliable and dependable service to all Monmouth and Ocean county residential and commercial customers. With around the clock service,…

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Bioheat Fuel Delivers More (Clean) Heat Per Gallon

Go Green With Bioheat Fuel

Bioheat fuel has burst onto the scene as the fuel of the future, delivering more heat per gallon burned than traditional natural gas, but with the benefit of burning much cleaner and requiring less maintenance costs in the long term. In addition, 2016 is forecasted to be a very busy year as market opportunities for…

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Oil Heat for Realtors – What You Need to Know

Oil Heat for Realtors - What You Need to Know

Selling an oil heated house requires a basic knowledge of how oil heating works. The thing is, many companies don’t provide a rundown of oil heat for realtors as they should. A few go on whatever knowledge they’ve picked up over the years, but heating a home can be a big concern. Our oil heat…

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The Good News about Heating Oil Prices

The Good News about Falling Heating Oil Prices

Since 2010 the world has held its breath as it monitored the spikes in oil prices. In America, especially for the colder months, it meant a marked increase in heating oil prices and that, in turn, meant an increase in how much residents end up paying for heating. Fast forward to 2015 and people are…

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4 Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat

Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat | Point Bay Fuel

Oilheat comes from a number of different heating oil sources. Many homeowners are familiar with oilheat, although some have never experienced what an oil heated home actually feels like. Many older homes were built with natural gas heating systems; these systems are efficient to an extent, but they simply don’t provide the same benefits that…

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Oil Heat Delivers Peace of Mind

Safety is often a major concern for homeowners when choosing a heat source. Malfunctioning heat sources can endanger homeowners’ families and property. Propane and natural gas can cause explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Homeowners who choose oil heat need not worry about dangerous malfunctions. Oil heat is one of the safest heat sources available to…

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