How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioning Systems

central air conditioningAir conditioners are incredibly crucial as they ensure every home and office is comfortable and habitable during the hot months of the year. When the AC malfunctions, most people usually look for emergency air conditioning repairs since few people can stay indoors without a working AC. That is why it is incredibly difficult to imagine how people used to live before the invention of the modern AC system. It is important to note that human beings have always been creative in developing solutions for problems.

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How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioning Bayhead NJ

To keep cool before the invention of air conditioners, people used the following strategies:

1. Living In Caves Or Underground

For centuries, there was extensive use of caves as homes. Caves tend to have a constant temperature both in the winter and summer. If you have ever explored a cave before, you might have noticed the cool temperatures inside. Before the invention of central AC, people used to live in caves where temperatures are constantly low throughout the year. Some people also lived underground as the temperature beneath the surface of the ground is known to be constant throughout the year.

2. Using Fans Before The Development Of Central Air Conditioning

electric fanWhile fans are not as effective as air conditioners, they create a cooling effect that can make a home or office habitable. Fans are still used today to circulate air. They can be mounted on the wall, the ceiling, or on the ground. That said, there are many types of fans currently on the market. They are the perfect alternative to air conditioners.

3. Damp Sheets For Cooling

When water evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, thereby creating a cooling effect. This knowledge was used to cool rooms in certain parts of the world before the invention of the air conditioner. By hanging wet sheets in doorways, the heat in a room could be used to generate a cool breeze. This technology was incredibly popular in ancient Egypt.

4. Using Shade Trees To Stay Comfortable

One of the oldest ways of staying cool is to relax under the shade of a tree. When the sun shines, trees usually produce a cool shade. The temperature under the shade is often much lower than the surrounding temperatures. That is why most old homes have many shade trees in the back yard. If your air conditioner malfunctions during the day, consider going outside to sit under the shade of a tree as you wait for your HVAC contractor to arrive.

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5. Using Mud And Bricks As Building Materials

In many parts of the world, people use bricks and mud as building materials. Dry mud and baked bricks are known to absorb heat during the day, thereby keeping the interior of a home cool and comfortable. At night, the brick or mud walls usually release heat to the interior of a home. This means the occupants of these buildings could enjoy superior home comfort both during winter and summer.

6. High Ceilings: Hot Air Rises

While modern buildings are built to have lower ceilings to reduce the energy needed to cool the building, older buildings have high ceilings. This was a highly effective way of keeping cool as warm or hot air would rise to the top of the ceiling while cool air would remain below it. As a result, this process cooled living spaces naturally.

7. Building Thicker Walls For A Cooling Effect

One of the best ways of maintaining lower internal temperatures is having thick exterior walls in a building. This reduces the thermal conductivity of the building. As a result, lower internal temperatures can be achieved.
As you can see, cooling technology has come a long way. While older cooling technologies were cumbersome, they worked. Fortunately, today you can enjoy improved home comfort with the help of central air conditioning systems among other types of AC systems.

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