Ways HVAC Technology Has Changed The Way We Live

ductless hvac systemAir conditioning wasn’t always as prevalent as it is today. In the past, people had to wrestle with the heat every summer and, consequently, find ways to keep cool. Outside temperature severely limited their activities and vastly influenced their level of comfort.

How The HVAC System Has Changed Our Lives

The advent of HVAC technology has changed the way we live on different fronts. In fact, innovations continue to provide us with more options and better experiences than ever before.

Let’s take a look at some of the most remarkable effects of this technology:

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1. Summer Became Big Business

Cinemas were among the first to use air conditioning to draw audiences. Since it was hot in the summer, people flocked to the movie theaters not just to watch the latest flicks but also to cool down with their friends. Hollywood studios released the best films during this season to take advantage of the crowds. Until now, summer is usually when the biggest blockbusters of the year are shown on the big screen.

2. Manufacturing And Storage Reached New Heights

warehouse employeesIn the days without air conditioning, workers and machines suffered tremendously under the scorching heat. Some businesses stopped operating during the summer. It wasn’t uncommon for workers back then to get month-long vacations. Thanks to air conditioners, productivity increased throughout the year. Long breaks were no longer needed, and more possibilities opened for manufacturers. Machines could be prevented from overheating and goods could be stored without fear of spoilage.

3. House Design Evolved Due To Climate Control

Home design used to be different when air conditioners weren’t around. People kept themselves cool by building sleeping porches and breezeways. Many windows were needed for cross ventilation in almost every room. Walls were not as thick as you see them today. Modern homes have evolved to take advantage of the air conditioning with thick insulated walls and ceilings. There are also relatively less windows, especially on the south and west sides to minimize heat build-up due to sunlight.

4. Improved Air Purification Led To Better Health

Air conditioners do not only cool down the indoor air. They also have filters that block impurities from entering the system such that air quality is improved. As long as these filters are regularly cleaned or replaced, occupants should have a better experience in terms of their respiratory health. Additional purification measures are available to reduce allergens, pet dander, pollen, dust, and VOCs in the air.

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5. Energy Audits And Smart Sensors Increased Efficiency

energy-efficientModern cooling systems have new features that take HVAC technology to the next level. For example, some may be capable of energy audits that can detect flaws in the home or with the system itself. This makes it easy to detect and fix issues right away. You can even adjust the settings to compensate for leaks and increase efficiency.

6. Smart Thermostats Allow Greater Control

These units let homeowners control the AC through programmable settings so that changes can happen automatically throughout the day. Some units are also able to adjust by themselves using inputs from sensors. You can even control the newest models using smartphone apps through an Internet connection. With this kind of app, people can turn the AC on or off while they are outside the house.

7. Predictive Algorithms Can Prevent Failures

HVAC contractors can place sensors all around a cooling system to detect telltale signs of imminent failure. These can detect subtle changes that homeowners might fail to notice until it’s too late. They can send notification and ensure that the issue gets attention right away. This should reduce overall repair costs as problems are always easier and cheaper to fix during the earliest stages.

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