Commercial Heating Oil for Your Business

Choose Commercial Heating Oil For Your BusinessThe conventional wisdom of the times was that commercial heating oil was viewed as an unsustainable and expensive method of heating a business. However, thanks to the recent dip in global oil prices combined with new advances in heating oil technology has made it more than simply an attractive method of heating a commercial property. Heating oil is now an economical solution towards the long-term heating of a property as well as friendly to the environment.

Safety Considerations Are Paramount

Some alternative heating methods can be dangerous, especially in uncontrolled situations. But commercial heating oil isn’t explosive in liquid form (the form in which it will be delivered from area to area). Heating oil is also not toxic to breathe in, and leaks can often be easily spotted as soon as they occur, making it a much safer alternative to other fuels that are flammable, explosive and deadly if released into a common area.

Using or Switching to Commercial Heating Oil Can Help the Environment

One of the things that few people think about when it comes to any kind of oil is environmental responsibility. Heating oil is a much ‘greener’ heating solution than other fuels. The emissions from heating oil are so small that the latest round of federal regulation (The Federal Clean Air Act) doesn’t even cover it. In a number of industries today, reducing the carbon footprint of the company is a major concern. Heating oil in its commercial application is an effective method of making a company more environmentally friendly in the long run.

Economic Concerns Can Seal the Deal

In most commercial endeavors, the bottom line is the most important statistic to be considered. To this end, most companies would prefer to go for a cost-effective heating solution. Despite the bad reputation heating oil has had in the past for being expensive, the Consumer Energy Council of America states that using commercial heating oil can lead to a lot of savings in the long term when compared to electric systems. These savings are not limited to the cost of equipment, but are also carried over to the cost of the fuel as well. For commercial buildings that already have heating oil solutions installed, it makes more economic sense to stick with these systems than attempting to switch to a system that might not be as pocket friendly as heating oil.

Using Heating Oil Commercially

Buildings that have heating oil systems also need companies to supply them with heating oil on a regular basis. These companies need to be reliable and dependable, as well as accurate with their calculations for fuel delivery. Point Bay is one of the most efficient suppliers of heating oil in Ocean County, NJ and can help customers both in the process of changing to an oil-based system and those who are already oil consumers. Call 732-349-5059 for more information about using oil in commercial applications, or set up a service appointment online today.