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How Long Does an Underground Oil Tank Last?

Relax knowing that you have the answer to, how long does an underground oil tank last?

Nothing will extend the operating life of your above ground or underground oil tank more than preventative maintenance. Though the specifics of oil tank maintenance will be greatly influenced by the type of tank you have, the basic principle is to ensure that the oil is flowing freely through the outlet pipe… and nowhere else.…

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Bioheat Fuel: The Evolution of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

Biofuels became a major focus for oil suppliers around the last two decades of the twentieth century in their search for renewable energy sources. Through a series of bold and innovative research programs, the industrial sector managed to pinpoint a fuel that could be used responsibly and renewably without the worry of excessive pollution. Bioheat…

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Home Oil Degree Day Calculation

Find Your Home Oil Usage By Calculating Degree Day

Home oil automatic delivery is based on a calculation that takes into account two pieces of information: the heating degree day (HDD) and the K-factor that uses the degree day value to determine when delivery for a particular household is needed again. Understanding the HDD calculations allows you to determine how an oil delivery company…

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Heating Oil Tank Safety Inspection for the Winter

Heating Oil Tank Safety Inspection for the Winter

A heating oil tank safety inspection is done in order to ensure that there will be no imminent ruptures in the tank or supply mechanism to the house – especially during the winter. This translates into a secure, uninterrupted flow of heating oil in times when it’s needed most. Ensuring the safety of an oil…

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Commercial Heating Oil for Your Business

Choose Commercial Heating Oil For Your Business

The conventional wisdom of the times was that commercial heating oil was viewed as an unsustainable and expensive method of heating a business. However, thanks to the recent dip in global oil prices combined with new advances in heating oil technology has made it more than simply an attractive method of heating a commercial property.…

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Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Oil Heating

Real Estate Agent's Guide to Oil Heating

In recent years, oil heating has gained in popularity, partially due to the availability of inexpensive heating oil and partially due to the economic benefits that it offers to homeowners. As a real estate agent, there are several benefits to consider when marketing an oil heated home; below our heating professionals will address the top…

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The Good News about Heating Oil Prices

The Good News about Falling Heating Oil Prices

Since 2010 the world has held its breath as it monitored the spikes in oil prices. In America, especially for the colder months, it meant a marked increase in heating oil prices and that, in turn, meant an increase in how much residents end up paying for heating. Fast forward to 2015 and people are…

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4 Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat

Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat | Point Bay Fuel

Oilheat comes from a number of different heating oil sources. Many homeowners are familiar with oilheat, although some have never experienced what an oil heated home actually feels like. Many older homes were built with natural gas heating systems; these systems are efficient to an extent, but they simply don’t provide the same benefits that…

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