Energy-Saving Tips For The Spring

spring energy saving tips for homesIt’s time to welcome spring with open arms. Plants are coming back to life, flowers are blooming, and everything is awash in vivid colors. People are also shedding layers in favor of more comfortable outfits. These are pleasant changes after going through the bleak winter months.

However, as spring gives way to summer, it also means increasing dependence on the air conditioner. Feeling comfortable indoors is vital; however, no one wants the energy bill that accompanies it.

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Energy Saving Tips To Use In The Spring & Summer

Here are some tips on how to save energy for the sake of the environment and your wallet:

1. Seal The Cracks To Prevent Air Leaks

If there are cracks around the perimeter of the house, then hot air will sneak in and warm up the interiors. The AC will then have to work overtime to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. By doing so, it will consume more energy than it should, and you end up paying higher utility bills. Use caulk to seal any leaks that you may find. These are usually present around windows, wiring holes, recessed lights, and plumbing vents.

2. Tune Up The AC For Better Efficiency

The performance of air conditioners degrade over time as dust, dirt, and wear and tear take their toll on your HVAC equipment. Although your cooling system can still get the job done, it will have a harder time and require a more significant amount of energy. This aging process can be slowed down through regular maintenance work. Schedule a professional AC tune-up this spring so that the unit will be ready for the grueling summer.

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3. Keep A Mild Thermostat Setting

thermostatPay attention to the temperature setting of the AC. A lot of people overestimate their need for cooling and take a very aggressive approach with the thermostat. Again, this will only make the system work harder than necessary. The consensus among experts is that 78 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough to provide comfort while helping the homeowners save on energy costs. You can go even higher for more savings.

4. Go Natural Whenever It Is Possible

Early spring is still relatively cool so there might not be a need to use the cooling system yet. In many areas, it only gets hot midday so the AC can be turned off from dusk until dawn. Homeowners can depend on natural ventilation throughout the night by opening the windows. Just close them up again in the morning before turning on the air conditioning.

5. Clean Up The Refrigerator

Aside from the AC, the fridge is one of the most power-hungry household appliances. Any plan to reduce consumption should involve ways to optimize this unit. It is best to begin with a thorough clean-up. Remove the dust surrounding the coils, take out the excess food from the fridge, wipe the door seals, and defrost to melt the frozen walls. All of these should help the unit use less energy, enjoy better ventilation, and close more tightly than before.

6. Acquire Energy Efficient Replacements

cooling system replacement in a residential homeAs for old appliances, it may be time to look for their replacements. Those that have been giving you problems, needing multiple repairs and hogging energy should be retired to reduce long-term expenditure. Newer models tend to have more efficient designs and better reliability. The initial outlay may be high, but the cost of ownership is much lower.

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7. Consider Outdoor Cooking

Cooking often means heating a mix of ingredients. Unfortunately, the heat generated is not confined to the kitchen. Warm air will circulate around the house and cause the AC to work double-time. While it is almost impossible to avoid cooking in the kitchen, alternative methods such as using the microwave and cooking outdoors may be pursued to ease the pressure on the AC.



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