5 Reasons Your Filter Isn’t Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

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The air indoors may seem pure and clear, but it contains minuscule particulates. Sometimes in direct sunlight, you can see them floating visibly. These particles can enter small passages easily because they are only a few micrometers in length. Without realizing it, we breathe them in and they infiltrate deep into our lungs. If the air is full of multiple pollutants, then we can suffer from ill-health over time. We can use the right filters to trap the particulates, improving indoor air quality at home.

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5 Reasons Your Filter Isn’t Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioners and heaters have built-in filters, but they might not perform up to par because of these reasons:

1. Lack Of HVAC Filter

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Have you recently moved to a new house? It is fair to assume that your HVAC system is running properly and that all the parts are present. However, an excess of allergens and dust in the air is cause for suspicion. Check to see if the filter is present or absent.

In some scenarios, the slot has been left empty, so unclean air makes its way through unchecked. Maybe the previous owner forgot to re-install the filter. Perhaps they gave up because the spot was too hard to reach. This causes a fast build-up of dust and dirt in the coils, blowers, and ducts.

2. Incorrect Filter Installation

It’s one thing to have a filter, but another to install it correctly. There is no point in getting an HVAC air filter that is of high quality if it is not installed in the right area. Even a small opening is sufficient for unclean air to make its way around the filter as opposed to passing through it. Therefore, it will not be able to effectively stop particulates.

Despite its presence, the indoor air quality will still be poor. You can continue to replace it with diligence in the manner the manufacturer recommends, but your efforts will amount to nothing until the installation is improved. While homeowners may not realize they are doing anything incorrectly, an HVAC technician is sure to notice this while they are doing maintenance.

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3. The HVAC System Is Not Running For Long Enough

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Filters are fixed installations. For them to function, the air must flow in from one side and out through another. This means that the air conditioner, for example, must run for enough time to push the air through the filters. HVAC systems that are oversized can cause problems because they arrive at the desired temperature too quickly and then turn off immediately. Be sure to have an HVAC contractor determine your specific heating and cooling needs so that you don’t get incorrect HVAC sizing.

You can also set the fans to “ON” as opposed to “AUTO” to make them run longer. If you are still not happy with the results, think about getting an air filter, such as an air purifier, that stands alone to concentrate on this task. Likewise, you can talk to an HVAC contractor to find out more about improving your indoor air quality.

4. HVAC Does Not Have Enough Airflow

Sometimes the HVAC system runtime may be fine, but the airflow is constrained. This causes the filtration volume to be reduced. The culprits are usually undersized return ducts. Another common cause is clogged filters, which happens when you don’t stick to a regular schedule of maintenance.

If excess dirt is clogging the surface, the air will have a difficult time passing through. There will be an increase in air pressure, and at the same time, the airflow will drop. This also negatively affects the system’s efficiency.

Change the air filters on a regular basis so that they can effectively stop particulate matter and let clean air pass through without any problems.

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5. Too Low Of A MERV Rating

merv rating of hvac air filter

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is an important consideration. HVAC air filters that have low MERV ratings are far more inexpensive. Consequently, they do not effectively trap pollutants.

HVAC filters with high MERV ratings may be more expensive. However, they are quite effective at trapping indoor air pollutants. Therefore, when shopping for an HVAC filter for your system, don’t opt for a filter that has the lowest price. Instead, consider the value of the filter and opt for one that has a higher MERV rating. It is worth spending more so that you can ensure clean indoor air and prevent respiratory issues.

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The air filter is an integral component in the puzzle of indoor air quality. If your family members are constantly coughing, having trouble breathing, and sneezing, then check the filter in your HVAC system. It may be displaying one of the problems mentioned above. You need to have the correct type and correctly install it. Avoid mistakes and fix problems immediately with the help of a skilled HVAC contractor. Get them to perform a comprehensive inspection of your system and maintenance service as soon as possible. The difference will be felt immediately.

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