Should My Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

woman dealing with a heating oil smell in her house

If you happen to use heating oil and you detect an odor, the question is, “Is this an issue?”. Indeed, heating oil has a unique oil smell, but this should not be a problem with an excellent containment system. In this article, we discuss some likely explanations for this phenomenon.

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How To Combat Dry Air Symptoms In Winter

image of dry indoor air and humidifier

Winter brings dry indoor air that we all have to contend with. Although dry air does not seem to be a very serious problem, it is far from being completely harmless. In this article, we discuss dry air, how it contributes to poor indoor air quality, and what you do to fix the problem.

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6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

image of hvac technician checking furnace circuit

Furnaces partly depend on electricity for normal operation. If the furnace trips the circuit breaker repeatedly, then resetting it won’t suffice. You must find out what’s causing the problem and formulate a permanent solution with the help of an HVAC expert. This article discusses common causes and solutions for this issue.

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Common Winter Furnace Problems And How To Troubleshoot

furnace troubleshooting

Simple furnace troubleshooting is a skill that every homeowner should learn. Although not every furnace problem can and should be approached through a DIY method, however, there are certain furnace troubleshooting steps you can do. In this article, we discuss some common furnace troubleshooting tips that any homeowner can accomplish.

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Common Furnace FAQs

image of a furnace repair service

Homeowners tend to have a lot of questions about their furnace during this time of year. They want to know whether they should call for one type of service or another. Experienced HVAC contractors can provide comprehensive answers for unique situations. In this article, we share some answers to some common furnace FAQ.

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Heating System Repair Vs. Replace: Which Option Is Best?

image of a furnace repair

Your heating system is your best friend during winter. No matter how cold it gets outside, it will keep you and your family warm inside. Over time, however, problems might develop that will force you to consider ether a repair or a replacement. Find out how to make the best decision.

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In Need of Same Day Furnace Repair? Look No Further than Point Bay Fuel

Furnace Repair

Hot water and heat aren’t matters that should have to wait until normal business hours. If you’re in Monmouth or Ocean County and experience a heating emergency, same day furnace repair services from Point Bay Fuel can keep your home safe and protect your family’s health during extreme weather conditions. We’re here to help you…

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Why Winterize an HVAC Unit?

Winterize an AC Unit for the Winter

When the temperatures drop and it’s about to get into the really cold months, you should consider optimizing your HVAC unit. The process (termed “winterization”) makes your HVAC unit adapted to operating in colder temperatures without suffering serious drawbacks. When you decide to winterize an HVAC unit, you extend the life of that unit. The…

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Prepare For Winter and Prevent Unexpected Furnace Repair

Prevent Unexpected Furnace Repairs by Changing Your Furnace Filter

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and soon you’ll be driving through the dark streets with only one thought on your mind: curling up on the couch in your cozy home, protected from the winter chill. Then imagine going to turn on your furnace on that first cold day, only to…

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