How to Choose an Air Filter When You Have a Pet

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Americans are huge fans of pets. Most households in the US include a pet or two. Pets are wonderful creatures and their owners say they help provide companionship, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring joy to the home. Studies even show that pets boost mental and physical well-being. It’s no surprise that many people treat pets as family members who can go freely anywhere around the house. While this may sound like fun for the pets, it also means that wherever they go, they also spread their fur and dander. While generally harmless, animal fur and dander can carry certain health risks. They could trigger pre-existing allergies, cause asthma attacks, and increase the risk of developing respiratory issues. For those who enjoy having a pet in the house, you could help avoid or reduce these health issues with the right type of HVAC air filter for homes with pets.

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What Can HVAC Air Filters Do?

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HVAC air filters are designed to block airborne particles before they are released through the air vents. This means that cool/warm, clean air passes through to the rooms but particulates such as dust, pollen, dirt, pet fur, dander, and other unwanted particles are trapped on the surface of the filter. As a result, the HVAC system remains clean and safe longer, ensuring that the equipment lasts longer. Cleaner indoor air also ensures that you breathe easier and more comfortably. Simply replace or clean the air filters regularly (usually every month) to keep the system at optimum performance.

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Understanding The MERV Rating Of Your Air Filter


The rating associated with HVAC air filters is based on their efficacy in capturing airborne contaminants. This efficacy is measured as MERV or minimum efficiency reporting. The higher the rating, the better the air filter is. Note, however, that you will pay more for a product with a higher MERV rating.

The lowest MERV rating products are rated at 1 to 4. These offer the lowest protection. These filters are effective at trapping pollen, fibers, and dust mites. However, they will not be as effective with smaller particles. Air filters with a MERV rating of 5 to 8 are more effective in blocking dust, pollen, and smaller particles such as mold spores.

At the higher end of the scale, filters with MERV 9 to 12 rating can block smaller particulates such as pet dander, which means that if anyone in your family has mild allergies, he/she can breathe easier. And then there are the air filters with a MERV rating of 13 to 16. These are the highest-rated filters available. They are very effective in trapping even smaller particulates, including even bacteria and viruses. If you want to prevent respiratory issues at home, especially if you have pets, these are the best air filters to get.

Too Much Fur Equals More Frequent Filter Replacement

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Indoor air pollution is an issue for every home. But if you have pets, you likely have more issues to be concerned about. The more pets you have, the lower your indoor air quality is. To get pet fur and dander off from the surfaces in your home, you should regularly vacuum beddings, sofas, carpets, and floors. It is also recommended that you replace your HVAC air filter more frequently. When you have above-average levels of contaminants in your indoor air, you may have to get your filters replaced more often. This is especially important if you have pets that shed a lot.

What Are The Types of HVAC Air Filters?

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There are several types of air filters that can be used with your HVAC system. Find out what they are, how they work, their advantages, and limitations before you decide which type to use.

1.Disposable Air Filters

These are the most affordable types available on the market. If you are watching your budget, consider disposable air filters for your HVAC system. There is a drawback, though. Most disposables have low MERV ratings, which means they may not be as effective in trapping airborne particulates. If you must use these types, make sure to replace the filter frequently. Do remember that if you keep replacing your filters, you will be spending more over the long term.

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2.HEPA Air Filters

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HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate. These air filters are high-performing types, capable of trapping as much as 99.7% of air particulates larger than 0.3 microns. These filters can block those pesky pet hair and other allergens. If you have family members who are young or are immuno-compromised, this is the best filter to have.

3.Electronic HVAC Air Filters

Electronic air filters are a step above HEPA filters in terms of protection. Electronic filters are capable of blocking particles that measure 0.1 microns, which means you will have much better protection. They do make a sound when they come in direct contact with particulates and tend to be pricier but these are easily the best filters you can buy.

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If you have pets, you get to enjoy the company of loving and loyal creatures. However, part of taking care of your pets means ensuring that you live harmoniously together. One of the ways to do this is to prevent allergens and particulates that pets naturally produce, and ensure that you have the right type of air filters to keep your HVAC system effective and efficient. A reliable air filter will work in tandem with your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable and safe. Know the best type of air filter to use with your system based on the existing needs you have. If you can, avoid using cheaper options such as disposable air filters. They may suit your budget right now but they do require frequent replacement, which means you will use up more filters in the long run. Consider HEPA and electronic filters with high MERV numbers for your protection. Likewise, you can talk to an HVAC company to find the best ways to improve your indoor air quality.

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