It’s Earth Month! 20 Easy Ways on How to Save Money on Electricity Bills

How To Save Money On ElectricityHeating and cooling are a home’s most expensive systems, typically accounting for up to 48 percent of the utility budget, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). And since April is Earth month, our energy conservation experts have put together a few ideas on how to save money on electricity around the house without heating up the bills. Because, like it or not, New Jersey summertime bills can be especially big.

So, whether you want to save planet earth and decrease your carbon footprint, or you’re interested in ways to lower your energy bills and decrease your bills, here are 20 super easy tips to help be proactive when it comes to saving energy.

How To Save Money On Electricity

1. Keep your temperature steady: Set your thermostat 2 degrees lower in the winter and 2 degrees higher in the summer. 72-74 degrees in the summer and 70-72 degrees in winter are suggested temperatures for the thermostat.

2. Download an energy saving app: Apps like kill-ur-watts will not only keep track of how much energy you use, but it also offers additional resources for saving more on your energy bill.

3. Insulate the water heater: Add a little extra insulation around your water heater to see some huge savings. Some say that it’s your fridge and water heater that are the prime energy suckers in the home.

4. Go low-flow: Suppress the amount of water used to help your hot water heater from wasting more energy that necessary.

5. Get dim: Adjust the amount of light you need so you can also adjust how much energy used.

6. Maintain AC regularly: Keep your AC tuned up and clean to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible all summer long.

7. Change air filters: Dirty air filters clog free flowing air, and make your AC work harder.

8. Insulate your garage door: Adding insulation to your garage door will keep heat and cool air in.

9. Check weather strips: Energy savings could be seeping right out the front door, check that weather strips are doing their job. Replace if necessary.

10. Use fans in the right direction: Simply by adjusting the ceiling fan direction, homeowners can save upwards of 15% on cooling costs and conserve energy.

11. Then turn them off: When you leave a room, turn the fans off. They won’t cool a room, they will just cool the people in the room by moving air around. If the room is empty, you’re just wasting energy.

12. Turn off the lights: Listen to your mom. When you leave a room, turn off the lights!

13. Reduce screen time: Watching TV is not only a waste of energy, but hey, the weather’s getting nicer; get outside and get active.

14. Hang dry: If possible, hang dry towels, sheets, and other clothes that take a lot of energy to dry.

15. Shoot for the (energy) star: Still have your 1980’s freezer in the garage from your mother? It’s guzzling down more money than you probably realize! Invest in quality energy star appliances to save big bucks.

16. Update light bulbs: Switch to energy efficient light bulbs as a great start to saving on your energy bill. Not only will that reduce the amount of watts used, but as a bonus, they last a lot longer too.

17. Slay the energy vampires: Unplug appliances when not in use to avoid the vampire energy suckers. Unplug whatever doesn’t require power at the present moment.

18. Open vents: Some people believe that closing a vent will reduce energy consumption by preventing the need to heat or cool an empty room. That’s actually a myth. Closing vents can actually raise your energy costs.

19. Close the blinds: The sun can really heat up the room when blinds or shades are left open all day. Your air conditioner will end up using more energy to cool down your home.

20. Install a programmable thermostat: Running your air conditioner nonstop can do major damage. Give it a break once and a while to prevent added wear on the unit and give your utility bill a break, too. A programmable thermostat is the way to go which allows homeowners to set the appropriate temperatures for certain times of the day.

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