3 Things That Will Reduce Your HVAC Lifespan

central air conditionerAlthough nothing lasts forever, some things can go on for a very long time as long if we take the right steps. This aspect is certainly true for heating and cooling systems. These are known to persist for 15 years or even more. Any household can achieve this kind of longevity as long as they follow the best practices for HVAC equipment care. However, you should also avoid things that can contribute to a reduced HVAC lifespan.

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HVAC Company Avon By The Sea NJ: 3 Things That Contribute To A Short HVAC Lifespan

Below are three of the most critical points to remember:

1. Lack Of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Constant care is essential if you want to prolong the life of any machine. Homeowners can do their part by cleaning the HVAC units from time to time, clearing out their surroundings, and changing the air filters before they get clogged by dirt.

However, a lot of vital heating and cooling maintenance tasks can be quite technical. These will require the expertise of trained HVAC technicians. The rule of thumb is to schedule an annual tune-up at least once a year for each system. It is a low-cost service that can provide a great deal of long-term savings.

During an HVAC tune-up, technicians will inspect parts of the system that are known to be prone to breakdowns. They will initiate preventive measures such as deep cleaning, lubrication, electronics testing, and minor fixes as they see fit. With their help, the heating and cooling units will be able to perform almost as good as when they were brand new. The system’s efficiency will also be kept at a high level such that energy consumption remains manageable. Monthly utility bills will stay low as a result of this diligence.

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2. Overstressing The HVAC System

cranking hvac systemA person who works too much will eventually burn out. The same is true with machines. Making an HVAC system work harder than it should will shorten its lifespan. Just because you can set the temperature of an air conditioner all the way down to near-freezing temperatures does not mean that you should. Just because you can crank up the heat generated by a furnace does not mean that it’s something that should happen regularly. Most days, you should go for mild thermostat settings that balance household comfort and system stress.

If it feels hotter than usual, then use a fan to supplement the air conditioner. The evaporative cooling effect of wind on the skin cannot be underestimated. You will end up consuming less energy with this dual setup compared to the practice of plunging the temperature settings of the AC.

Another thing you should avoid is closing off air vents at different areas of the home. Doing so creates backpressure that will force air into rooms that do not require cooling. This backpressure is an added burden to central air systems.

3. Ignoring Signs Of Damage

homeowner who needs furnace serviceIssues will develop as HVAC systems age. If these are caught early, then they will not cause that much damage overall. They will be fast, easy, and much cheaper to fix. Total breakdowns can be avoided. Unfortunately, most people are not proactive when it comes to dealing with these issues. Many will be content to let the system run despite signs of damage such as leaks, noise, smells, and inefficiencies. They will only make a move once the problem has gotten so bad that they can no longer ignore it.

The problem with this kind of delay is that you allow a minor issue to get worse. By the time you face it, you might be staring at hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs. Major components may need replacement. You might have to wait a while before the whole thing is resolved. If you keep ignoring red flags, then different parts of the HVAC equipment could fail until it becomes too costly to repair. You might be forced to discard it in favor of a full system replacement.

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All of these situations are preventable. If you can schedule regular maintenance, avoid excessive system stress, and call for repairs as soon as possible, then you can prolong the service life of your units. Be sure to seek the help of a reputable HVAC contractor for all your heating and cooling needs.

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