Top Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problems

air conditioner repair near meIf you are battling with HVAC airflow problems, you should not try your DIY skills on your heating and cooling system. The smart move is to call in a competent and experienced professional to solve the problem. There may be an underlying cause for your airflow problems, and even trying to fix minor airflow problems might lead to severe issues later. Therefore, it is in your best interest to call a trustworthy HVAC company to inspect your system.

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Home AC Repair Near Me Allenhurst NJ: Top Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problems

Below are some of the most common causes of HVAC airflow problems:

Blocked Or Obstructed Condenser Unit

Your condenser unit needs plenty of space to perform effectively. If this condensing unit is obstructed, this may result in overheating because the unit is not getting enough air. When the outdoor unit overheats, the immediate result is airflow problems in your home. Even if you clear the debris around the condenser unit, this may not solve the problem. Call in an expert to give you the perfect solution.

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Clogged HVAC Air Filters & Poor Airflow

dirty hvac filterAir filters work very hard to keep the air in your home filtered and clean, so you need to change them often. If you do not change your filters when necessary, they become clogged. A clogged filter leads to poor indoor air quality, uneven temperatures, and even damage to vital components in your HVAC system.

Blocked Or Leaky HVAC Air Ducts

Blocked air ducts may be responsible for the airflow problems you are experiencing. The accumulation of dust in your ductwork will definitely lead to airflow problems. In some cases, cracks or holes in the ductwork will lead to air leaks. The result is reduced airflow, and this means your HVAC system will not function effectively.

You Have Blocked HVAC Vents And Registers

If you are experiencing airflow problems in your home, the culprit might be blocked vents or registers. Maybe some of the vents and registers are blocked by furniture or curtains. Be sure to check your home for obstructed vents and registers.

Dirty Air Conditioning Condenser Coil & Cooling Issues

The job of the condenser coil is to get rid of the heat from your home. Sometimes, the coil can get so dirty that it is unable to release the heat. When this happens, your unit has to work extra hard to cool your home and you will notice airflow issues. Get an expert HVAC company to clean your condenser coil to fix this problem.

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Old & Outdated HVAC System Design

outdated air conditionerIf you remodeled your home recently, this might be the cause of the recent airflow problems. This is because you may have renovated your home without considering the HVAC system. The result is that the outdated HVAC system cannot cool your renovated home effectively. The only solution here is to consult a competent HVAC design professional to carry out the necessary HVAC upgrade. Changes in the ductwork or other practical solutions can be implemented to fix the issue at hand.

Thermostat Or Battery Issues

Sometimes, minor problems like a low battery or a faulty thermostat are responsible for airflow issues. Be sure to check the battery and see if it needs to be replaced. If your thermostat seems to require more than a battery-replacement, be sure to call a competent HVAC company immediately.


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