New to Oil Heat in New Jersey? Here’s What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Oil Heat In New JerseyIf you’re moving to a new home that uses oil heat in New Jersey, or perhaps this upcoming season will be your first winter using your tank, you may have some questions about how it works and how you should maintain it. The Point Bay Fuel team of professional heating service technicians have put together some tips to get you started and provide a better understanding for your new system. Our goal? Help you maximize comfort levels and keep your oil furnace running at peak efficiency throughout the long, cold, New Jersey winter ahead.

How Does Oil Heat in New Jersey Work?

First, you should pat yourself on the back for taking the step to learn more about your new oil heating system by reading this post.

Next, familiarize yourself with your system. Do you have an oil furnace which burns oil to heat duct air or a boiler which heats up circulating water which is pumped through pipes to radiators? Does your system also heat water?

Ask the previous owner of the home about what kind of maintenance has been done to the tank recently. And then schedule your routine tune-up based on that date.

Find out how much oil is in the tank and how many gallons your new tank holds. If you have an oil gauge, read it and keep a record throughout the winter season. If you don’t, give us a call to help you get these important numbers. When you see your tank is less than a quarter full, it’s time to have more delivered.

How Do I Get Home Heating Oil Delivered?

Your home heating oil will be delivered by a truck to your oil tank in your yard or home. There are two options to purchase heating oil: “Automatic” Delivery or “Will Call.”

With an Automatic Delivery, the Point Bay Fuel experts will automatically determine when you need fuel by using a “degree day” calculation. Never worry about running out of fuel, we ensure that you will always have enough oil and schedule your deliveries on time. For “will call,” you would need to monitor your own usage and call us when a delivery of oil is required.

Either way, when it comes time for an oil heat delivery, make sure you clear away snow and ice and shovel a path to your oil fill pipe or tank. Make sure to use a stick or flag to mark the fill location.

What Kind of Maintenance Can I Expect for Oil Heat in New Jersey?

Just like your air conditioner, an oil furnace requires maintenance. It’s essential to its longevity. Schedule annual tune-ups to include inspection, cleaning, repairs and any necessary replacements of parts as necessary. If properly maintained, an oil heat system can last up to 20 years.

Take a look at our “Annual Tune-Up Checklist” to find out more about what’s included in the Gold Plan package.

More Facts on Oil Heat in New Jersey

According to the American Petroleum Institute (API), close to 9 million households use oil heat in the United States.

Bio heat is one of the cleanest burning fuels available. It does not pose a threat to the environment, it’s non-toxic, biodegradable and burns 95% cleaner than it did in 1970.

Modern oil heat systems have efficiency ratings of over 90%; it is one of most effective and reliable ways to heat your home today.

Get more insight about oil heat on our blog, “Does it really burn hotter? Get the Facts on Home Oil Heat.”

Reliable Deliveries for Oil Heat in New Jersey

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