Why Residents Choose Point Bay: Oil Delivery Company

Fall and Winter Heating Needs

Oil Delivery Company, Point Bay, Automatic Oil Delivery Service Winter is coming, which means it’s time to put some thought into how you’ll be keeping your home and your family warm when the New Jersey weather gets cold. The last thing you want is to be in need of furnace repair, only to be told that no representatives can make it to your house for several (cold) days. Or imagine running out of fuel, only for an oil delivery company to explain that they can’t reach you for a week.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a home heating oil company that is committed to prioritizing its customers’ needs. Point Bay is a full service company that offers automated heating oil delivery, comprehensive service agreements, and ensures emergency service is always on hand.

Family owned and operated since 1906, Point Bay Energy, Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing fantastic customer service for all your heating needs during those chilly fall and winter months.

At a Glance: 9 Trusted Reasons to Choose Point Bay

1. Conveniently located in Toms River to service all of Ocean and Monmouth counties.
2. Point Bay heating oil provides a safe and secure way to warm your home.
3. Around the clock service, 365 days a year, should emergencies arise.
4. Our oil heat is clean, non-toxic and does not harm the environment.
5. Highly trained service professionals who maintain, service and repair your heating system.
6. Helpful and courteous staff dedicated to providing excellent customer service.
7. Automated oil delivery service that ensures you’ll never be without heat.
8. Competitively priced service agreements that keep your heating system running smoothly.
9. A referral rewards system that gives you credit when your friends choose Point Bay.

Oil Keeps Your Home Cozy and Comfortable without Breaking Your Wallet

Forget any misconceptions you may have about using oil to heat your home. Not only is oil heat non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and biodegradable, but Point Bay heating oil is treated with UltraGuard, which helps protect your heating system while also lowering fuel consumption.

In the long run, heating your home with oil will save you money. A typical gas furnace needs replacing after 15 years, while the average life of a well-maintained oil furnace is double that at 30 years. Add to that the fact that a gallon of heating oil will produce more heat than the same volume of natural gas and it’s easy to see why oil is an excellent choice to heat your home. Plus, your house will heat up quickly and maintain a more even temperature throughout, creating a cozy atmosphere during those dreary winter nights.

Point Bay Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

One of the best reasons to choose Point Bay for your heating needs is our oil delivery service. Choosing automatic deliveries will give you peace of mind throughout the winter, as you won’t need to worry about monitoring your fuel levels. Point Bay takes charge, making sure you’ll never run out of fuel. Call 732-349-5059 to sign up for automated heating oil delivery today!