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What To Know About Upgrading Your Oil Tank

Finding the right home heating oil storage tank to fit your comfort needs is important for you and your family’s safety and security. Below, we offer some tips about upgrading your oil tank to help with your decision making process!

what to know when upgrading oil tank

What You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Oil Tank

There are many options and variables when it comes to selecting an upgrade to your oil tank. Some important factors to keep in mind are:


Fuel oil storage tanks can vary in sizes and depending on where your tank is currently located, you may want to move it to another location, whether it be inside or outside your home. Roth offers multiple compact tank sizes for homes and businesses based on the amount of fuel you need, down to the space you have for storage purposes.

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indoors or outdoor storage tank option

Location Of Tank

Have you been limited to where you want your oil tank to be placed? Well, toss those worries right out the door! Roth offers compact designs for their tanks so they can be put into areas where single wall tanks couldn’t dream of fitting. Whether you prefer in your basement or outside, Roth oil tanks will be sure to fit your needs.

Indoor Or Outdoors

An indoor tank benefits from being protected from the outside elements and keeps the heating oil around room temperature, preventing the likelihood of gelling from occurring. With Roth and their compact design, you could have your fuel oil tank in your basement without it taking up as much space as conventional tanks.

With outdoor tanks being more prone to the weather, elements, and potential impacts, safeguards are needed to prevent any possible issues. This is where Roth comes in. By featuring a double-wall design with a corrosion-free galvanized steel exterior tank and rust-free polyethylene inner tank, it is made to go up against the harshest of the elements. Even including a removable cover for extra protection.


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costs with removing a heating oil tank


Some of the major items to keep in mind when upgrading your oil tank are the costs involved. These costs include but are not limited to:

  • Disposal Cost Of Old Unit
  • City Or County Permit Fees
  • Additional Parts (Anchoring Or Insulation)
  • Line Installation And Possible Rerouting Of Lines
  • Installation Labor Fees
  • Inspection Fees
  • Any Applicable Taxes

Rely on Point Bay Fuel and Roth USA

We provide you with the absolute best solution for your home comfort by choosing an oil tank replacement or upgrade. Roth double wall oil tanks are known for their safety and are known to be the best environmental solution for New Jersey customers.

With the best warranty in the industry and the knowledge and expertise of Point Bay Fuel technicians, you can have peace of mind knowing that your fuel oil is being stored properly!

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