10 Ways To Save Money On Home Heating Oil

Save MoneyThe cold winter weather can tempt us all to crank up the heat. Not so fast…. before you reach for your thermostat, learn how to save money on home heating oil through conservation and smart choices first. Point Bay Fuel is committed to helping New Jersey homeowners conserve energy and save money, while staying comfortable, so we’ve put together ten tips and tricks you can implement starting today.

Save Money On Home Heating Oil with These 10 Simple Tricks

1. Seal Drafts

Place your hand by the edges of a window or bottom of the door. Is the cold winter air leaking inside your home? If you feel a cool breeze, you’re not only wasting energy trying to heat that cool air, but you’re also leaking heated air right out the window! Re-caulk to ensure tight seals and place a door draft blocker down to seal up drafts.

2. Remove Obstructions

Are your heating vents covered by furniture or curtains? If your ducts are blocked, the room won’t heat the way it’s supposed to, causing the unit to work harder and less efficient. Take a quick walk through the house and make sure your vents are clear from obstructions.

3. Program Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps you save money on home heating oil by efficiently managing your temperature throughout the day when you’re home or away. Instead of having to manually change your thermostat every time you leave the house, you can schedule the thermostat to adjust based on your regular work schedule. A smart thermostat will even learn from your choices and make “smart” changes for the ultimate savings.

4. Let the Sunlight In

During the day, capture as much free heat as possible by opening up curtains and letting the sun shine in. Just remember to close them up at night to keep all that heat from escaping through the windows.

5. Schedule Tune-Ups

To ensure everything is operating the way it should and that you’re getting the most powerful heating experience all winter long, schedule a regular heating system tune-up. Go ahead and give us a call at (732) 349-5059 to schedule one today.

6. Set Fans Clockwise

Since heat rises, set fans on low to spin clockwise which will push the heat back down into your room (rather than get trapped at the ceiling).

7. Consider Age

Once your heating system has passed the 20-year mark, you could be facing more breakdowns and repairs than usual. New models are designed to deliver efficient heating and end up costing less over the course of the winter.

8. Track Energy Usage

Manage expenses right from your mobile phone. In our earlier blog, “Your Ultimate List of Apps to Help Reduce Energy Usage,” we identified 8 smartphone apps that are designed to help you reduce energy usage and save big bucks all year long. The best part? They’re free to download!

9. Bundle Up

Put on a warm hoodie, sip on hot tea, throw on the flannel sheets… do whatever you need to stay warm and comfortable without cranking up the heat to the 70s. Fuzzy slippers work too.

10. Automate Delivery

Automated heating oil delivery is not only convenient, it can help you save big, too. Point Bay Fuel offers automatic heating oil deliveryin order to ensure that their customers are always on supply. Our experts use degree day monitoring and check the daily records of temperature to figure out when to increase or decrease the delivery for your home heating oil. One less thing on your to-do list.

Save Money On Home Heating Oil with Point Bay

Point Bay Energy, Heating and Cooling has been supplying Ocean and Monmouth Counties with quality service for over 100 years. Call today at (732) 349-5059 or contact us online to set up your automatic oil delivery service and save money all winter long.