Why Winterize an HVAC Unit?

Winterize an HVAC Unit for the WinterWhen the temperatures drop and it’s about to get into the really cold months, you should consider optimizing your HVAC unit. The process (termed “winterization”) makes your HVAC unit adapted to operating in colder temperatures without suffering serious drawbacks. When you decide to winterize an HVAC unit, you extend the life of that unit. The regular wear and tear on a unit is compounded in lower temperatures, which is why winterization is important to do every single year.

Sealing the Air Conditioning Vents

The first step in winterizing an HVAC unit involves sealing off the AC vents. In the warmer months, the vents allow for warmer air to be shunted to the outside of the home. In the colder months you want to preserve warmer air and to this extent you want to cover the vents since they won’t be required. This step goes quite a way towards reducing the drafts that can make your home less efficient. Reducing drafts means that, in the long run, you spend less to heat your home and that warmth is preserved for as long as possible.

Give Your HVAC Unit a Longer Life

Generally speaking, HVAC units don’t last forever. Many modern units aren’t made to last for a great length of time and the industry upgrades equipment every few years, phasing out the older models because they aren’t expected to survive for very long. When you winterize an HVAC unit you increase its longevity. HVAC units are built to withstand cold, but the truth is that there are some components that don’t do well at all in colder climates. By ensuring that your unit is well protected from winter precipitation and that the components that are averse to these frigid temperatures are protected, you can increase how long your unit continues to function and prevent unexpected furnace repair needs. This type of regular maintenance should be done at least once a year and winterizing your unit gives you the opportunity to do it quickly and easily.

Cleaning and Beautifying

When you’re trying to winterize an HVAC unit you have to clean around it to ensure that you cover all the areas that may present leaky seals to warm air. This has the added benefit of beautifying the outside of your home at the same time. It’s a practical way to kill two birds with one stone. Clearing away the leaves from fall and ensuring that there aren’t any blocked ports that you don’t want to be blocked helps your unit to function and helps the exterior of your home to look a lot better.

Point Bay Heating Services

When you winterize an HVAC unit, it undergoes basic maintenance that helps it to function properly and avoid unnecessary repairs. It’s cleaned and freed from debris. Proper winterizing also stops things like the incursion of moisture, which could lead to rust as well as inspection of inlet and outlet valves and can help you to get rid of clogs before they start presenting a problem. Standard seasonal maintenance should be a requirement for owning and operating one of these units. Point Bay Fuel can help you figure out what you need to winterize and HVAC unit, so contact us today!