The Benefits of Modern Oil Heat

homescarfCountless families in the Northeastern U.S. have relied on oil heat for years. These families may not realize how much that oil heat technology has evolved in recent decades. Today’s product is much cleaner and more efficient than it was in the past. Here are several reasons New Jersey homeowners can depend on oil heat during harsh winters.

It’s Affordable

Although heating prices vary from year to year…even season to season, home heating oil is competitively priced. There are a variety of factors in heating oil prices, but a highly competitive market for heating oil means that prices stay reasonable.

Furthermore, oil heat is more cost effective than other heat sources for several reasons. Firstly, it warms your home quickly. Secondly, a modern heat oil furnace can last up to 30 years, twice as long as a natural gas furnace. Finally, an oil furnace usually costs less than a gas furnace. Overall, oil heat works faster and longer than other heat sources, and you save money.

It’s Safe

Heating oil also provides homeowners with a safe, reliable source of heat. Unlike natural gas or propane, oil heat is non-explosive. Heating oil will not ignite in its liquid state, a fact that gives homeowners peace of mind. Also, modern oil heat furnaces are very sturdy, making a leak unlikely. Homeowners can store heating oil in their homes, underground or aboveground, without worrying about leaks or explosions.

It’s Efficient

Since the 1970s, oil heat has become cleaner and more efficient. Modern oil heat technology is up to 90% efficient. A cleaner furnace is a more efficient furnace, and oil heat furnaces produce less soot and dirt than ever. Oil heat furnaces today also burn fewer gallons of fuel per year. Fewer gallons and higher efficiency mean significant savings for you.

It’s Warm

Warmth is one of the greatest benefits of oil heat. Modern oil heat keeps your home much warmer than natural gas or electric heat. Heating oil burns much hotter than natural gas, and it heats your home much faster. Thanks to its high burning temperature, homes heated with oil are warm and comfortable, even during the coldest New Jersey winter months.

It’s Clean and Green

Modern oil heat furnaces produce very little smoke and soot, which makes them a clean choice for homeowners. They are also a clean, green choice for the environment. Oil heat has little impact on our planet. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. While oil heat has always been environmentally friendly, industry technology is constantly advancing and becoming more eco-friendly. In particular, adding biofuels to heating oil makes it cleaner and more renewable. This technology, called Bioheat, represents the future of modern oil heat. Furthermore, today’s oil heat furnaces create much lower emissions than older furnaces. To help lower emissions, the oil heat industry has worked to create ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

These advancements in modern home oil heat make it a truly green option for New Jersey homeowners. Find out more about home heating oil on our FAQ page and contact us for more information.