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Winter Heating Tips

• Set your thermostat as low as it is comfortable. For every degree you lower your thermostat you can cut your heating costs between 1% and 3%.

• Use a programmable thermostat so that you are not wasting energy during the day when no one is home, or at night while everyone is asleep.

• Check and replace your air filters once a month during peak winter operation.

• Make sure that vents, radiators, or baseboards are not covered by furniture or drapes.

• Caulk and weatherstrip around your windows and doors to keep heat in.

• Insulate around heat ducts that are in the attic, basement, or garages.

• Keep your curtains closed at night.

• Vacuum and clean warm air registries.

• Open the curtains on the south side of the home during the day to let sunlight in.

• Add insulation to your attic.