Many homes do not have air conditioners in them. Typically, they were constructed before air conditioning became an absolute necessity. This means that many of these homes do not have a ductwork system set in place in order to make an AC installation an easy option. Those who do not have a central air conditioning system question what air conditioning options they have available to them. It is no wonder, considering summers are more humid and hot than they were even ten years ago. In the past, going without air conditioning was manageable. Now, it is not an option. Therefore, what air conditioning options are available for homes without ductwork? In this article, we will explore these AC options so that homeowners can get an idea of what to expect.


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Window Air Conditioning Units

window AC unitThe first AC option that homeowners tend to jump at…

is a window AC unit. However, after investing in several of these systems for their homes, they quickly come to find out that their decision is one that they regret. Window air conditioning units do not provide the comfort that can get a household through the sticky summer weather. Not only does it leave the household members feeling uncomfortable, but these units significantly increase their monthly energy bills.

In addition, these units are notorious for producing a lot of noise. Homeowners complain that they can’t watch a movie or focus on reading a book due the the clatter coming from these units. Furthermore, these units produce a lot of water which creates an ideal environment for mold and bacteria growth. This translates into poor indoor air quality and, possibly, respiratory issues. Also, a window unit is, obviously, aesthetically difficult to look at. It takes up an entire window which reduces the natural lighting of your home.

Ductless Systems

One option that is already popular throughout Europe and is becoming quite popular in the United States…

is the ductless air conditioner. Ductless systems are being used as an energy efficient, supplemental air conditioning unit for homes that already have central AC systems. However, they are a fantastic option for homes that do not have an air conditioning system or a system of ducts.

Before getting into more detail about ductless air conditioning systems, you might wonder why homeowners are not choosing the option to install ducts in their homes. While this is an option that homeowners do have, there is a lot more to it than what you might realize. Installing a ductwork system is very expensive and it takes a lot of time.

In order to add ducts, the house has to get rebuilt which makes it a major construction project. The ceilings and walls are altered and must be rebuilt. Not only that, it requires the household members to live in a construction zone which impacts everyday activities. Who really wants to rebuild their home? No one is too excited to jump at this option.

couple with a ductless AC systemHowever, when it comes to ductless systems, the installation is easy and quick in comparison. Usually, these systems are installed in about a day and it does not require a major alteration of the walls. The HVAC contractor will only place a three in hole in a wall which is used to run electrical wiring. This wiring connects the indoor unit with the outdoor compressor. The fast installation as well as the ductless air conditioner’s ability to:

  • reduce cooling costs
  • provide noiseless operation
  • improve indoor air quality
  • offer the highest level of comfort than any other AC option

has made this type of system unbeatable in most homeowner’s eyes.


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Ductless Air Conditioner Reviews

ductless air conditionerIf you are interested in a ductless system for your home…

then be sure to consider a few factors first. You want to consider these factors because, like all appliances, some are better than others. Therefore, it is important to take them into consideration so that you can find the model that works best for your home and cooling needs.

Some of the aspects that you should consider about a ductless air conditioner include British Thermal Units (BTUs), the amount of cooling zones that your home requires, and the installation type. In a home with a single zone system, this type of setup requires one air handler that connects to one outdoor unit. If there are various areas of your home that require air conditioning, then you will need a multi-zone system. It has many air handlers that connect to one outdoor unit. However, the requirement of zones truly depends on how many BTUs are necessary to cover the square footage of your home. Installation type is an important consideration that you should look at as well.

When you have an interest in installing ductless air conditioners in your home, you need to consider the installation type that is required. Some units can be installed as wall mounted units and others can be installed as ceiling units. However, ceiling units are used in single zone setups only. In addition, ceiling units can either be concealed, recessed, or suspended. In reality, the best way to determine which type of unit works best for you is by consulting with a NATE certified HVAC contractor that has experience with ductless air conditioning systems.


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Fujitsu vs. Mitsubishi

new cooling FujitsuAlthough there are many manufacturers for ductless air conditioners, there are two that are the best. One is Fujitsu and the other is Mitsubishi. Both of these brands are known for their reliability, energy efficiency, and the ability to provide high levels of comfort. They both offer long warranty periods. However, Fujitsu tops all of the ductless air conditioners on the market.

Fujitsu offers some of the most energy efficient ductless air conditioners available.

Some of the units have a SEER rating of 33, which is higher than any other unit on the market. It is important to note that the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient that the unit is. Therefore, Fujitsu systems are capable of providing an extreme level of comfort for a fraction of the cost. They have a standard warranty that covers its parts for 5 years and the compressor for 7. The extended warranty offers coverage for 12 years for parts and the compressor. However, in order to receive the extended warranty period, a Elite Contractor must install the unit for you. Regardless, all warranties are valid when a licensed professional HVAC contractor installs the unit. Otherwise, if the unit is installed by someone who is not licensed or certified, then the warranty is void.



Ductless Cooling Costs

If you live in a home that does not have a ductwork system…

and you have an interest in ductless air conditioning systems, you are probably curious to know about ductless cooling costs. Costs varies from one home to another. There are various factors that affect cost. These are:

  • Installation type
  • The number of areas or zones that you need to air condition
  • The type of ductless air conditioner that you choose
  • The size of the unit
  • The capacity of your electric panel
  • Your system’s configuration

A ductless air conditioning system has flexibility when it pertains to the installation. Due to this and the above factors, this can move the cost of your installation from the low end to the high end of cost.

Single Zone Systems

As an example, a single zone system is made up of one single indoor air handler, one outdoor compressor, and the line set that connects these two units. This tends to cost about $3,500 to $5,000. These systems work well for smaller homes, a sun-room, a garage, a finished attic, or an office space. They also work well for smaller sized homes that do not have any ductwork or for homes where the existing ductwork will not extend, such as an addition.

Multi-Zone Systems

If you have a larger home with a higher level of cooling needs, then a multi-zone system works better. Large homes that do not have a ductwork system usually need to install 3 more more units in them. The number of units is completely dependent on the layout of the home and the cooling requirements of its household members. A multi-zone setup usually costs between $7,000 to $10,000, with two indoor units. A home with 4 zones, or 4 indoor units, usually costs about $14,000 to $17,000.

However, it is important to note that these systems offer flexibility when they are being installed. You can always add more units to your home at a later date. Basically, you can add a zone when it fits into your budget.


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nate certifiedThe installation of all AC systems and the cost of the units…

always seem to present some sort of sticker shock for homeowners. All air conditioning systems are expensive. While, window units are the least expensive, they do not provide the necessary comfort. Also, your energy bills are astronomical when using these systems. Adding ducts to a home is highly expensive and time consuming. Therefore, ductless systems are the cheaper and more reasonable option when it comes down to it. Also, ductless AC systems are highly energy efficient which means that you will quickly get a return on your investment due to lower cooling costs.

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