Should I Be Concerned About AC Short Cycling?

short-cycling air conditioning unitAir conditioners work in cycles. They kick on to cool down your space until the desired temperature is reached, then turn off automatically. After a while, your home will heat up and trigger another cycle. The period between cycles tends to be fairly long so you hardly notice them throughout the day.

If you observe the AC turning on and off frequently, then you should investigate further. Frequent cycling is not normal behavior.

Short-cycling could be a sign of multiple problems with the unit. Acting on them quickly is the best way to prevent things from getting worse.

First, let us define short-cycling so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with. It’s when the AC compressor turns on and off several times within an hour. Each one of the cycles is less than 15 minutes in duration. This is quite a fast turn-around time that should not happen if the cooling system was working normally.

It is not desirable because short-cycling takes a toll on the internal components. They are going to wear down quickly if it continues. It may even lead to a system breakdown that requires outright replacement. Furthermore, it unnecessarily spikes up your energy costs. When your cooling system is short cycling, get help from an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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Causes For Air Conditioner Short Cycling Allentown NJ

There are four leading causes of a short-cycling air conditioner. HVAC technicians will look into each possibility and determine the right course of action.

1. Dirty HVAC Air Filter

This problem is common for neglected units. Many homeowners do not bother with any HVAC maintenance work. They simply leave the AC as it was when first installed. They may neglect replacing the air filters when necessary.

When an air conditioner operates with a dirty air filter, thick layers of dirt and dust can build up. Consequently, this circumstance limits airflow, making it harder for the system to cool down the house. You can quickly fix this by cleaning or replacing the filters. Most manufacturers recommend doing so every 3 months, but you might need to do this monthly. Homes with pets or that are located in dusty areas will require more frequent filter replacements.

2. Low Refrigerant Level In Your AC Unit

air conditioner refrigerantThe refrigerant is the blood that circulates throughout the system. It absorbs heat from inside the house and expels heat outside in a continuous fashion through the coils. If the refrigerant level is low, then the absorption and release of heat may not proceed as needed. The compressor can shut down prematurely and turn on again right away. This will cause the component to burn out and require replacement. This is a costly repair that you want to avoid. Have a technician check if there is a refrigerant leak so that it can be sealed and recharged.

3. Broken Or Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the house temperature. It has sensors that detect environmental conditions, allowing it to trigger the correct response from the AC. If it’s too hot, then it will push the unit to cool things down. If the home is already cold, then it will turn the system off and wait until another intervention is necessary. A faulty thermostat will not get reliable readings. It could make the air conditioner behave in unpredictable ways, including short-cycling. This might be a good sign to upgrade to a new thermostat.

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4. Mismatched Sizing Of Air Conditioning Equipment

Short-cycling usually happens later on in a system’s service life. However, it can start right at the very beginning in some cases. If you notice this behavior right after an air conditioner installation, then you might be dealing with an oversized air conditioner. There is a mismatch between the needs of the home and the cooling capacity of the equipment. Always consult with HVAC professionals when choosing and installing a new unit to avoid this hassle.

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