Going Away This Summer? Give Your AC System A Vacation Too

What Temperature To Leave A Vacant House In SummerSummer is a great season to travel and spend quality time with loved ones and friends. In fact, summer is the prime time for family vacations, corporate junkets, and long road trips.

With this in mind, getting out of the house involves a lot of planning. One aspect that many homeowners wonder is “Should I turn my AC system off while on vacation?”. The answer is simply no. Doing so can increase humidity and mold spores in your home.
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AC Tips: What Temperature To Leave A Vacant House In Summer

In this article, we discuss why you should leave your air conditioner on when you are out of town during the summer. Also, we share some tips that you can use to lower your energy costs while vacationing.

Why Turning Off Your AC Is A Bad Idea

AC systems not only cool homes but remove humidity levels as well. This is essential in keeping your homes cool without excessive moisture. For optimal comfort, the humidity level in your house should not exceed 50%. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to turn your HVAC system off when going out of town. That can result in the following:

  • Mold spores
  • Musty odors and smells
  • Peeling paint and excessive moisture build-up in drywall and sheetrock
  • Warped flooring, cabinetry, and wood-based furniture
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Avoid Temperature Increases In Your Home

air conditioningNothing is more uncomfortable than a hot house upon your return from vacation. This is exactly what will happen if you choose to turn your air conditioner off. The latter can increase the temperatures in your home while pocketing heat. This will cause your energy bills to soar and may even spoil the food in your pantry. Similarly, excessive heat and humidity can harm your home electronics, refrigerator, and freezer.

Best Ways To Save Energy While Vacationing

There are ways to save energy costs while away on vacation too. In fact, cleaning or replacing your AC system’s air filter is a good way to eliminate dirt and particles. The latter is notorious for affecting proper airflow and energy efficiency. You can then schedule your annual AC system cleaning and maintenance when you get back.

Other Ways To Secure An Energy Efficient Home

Here are some more ways to ensure energy-efficiency while away from your home:

  • Make sure all windows, doors, blinds, storm shutters, and curtains are adequately closed.
  • Save energy by unplugging appliances and electronics while away.
  • If going away on vacation for several months, consider cleaning out and unplugging your refrigerator and freezer as well.
  • Consider replacing your traditional thermostat with a programmable one. Digital thermostats are great for maintaining desired temperatures while away. You can also control them from correlating apps on your smartphone and/or wireless devices.
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Don’t Forget To Adjust Your Thermostat’s Settings

thermostat settingsIf you already have a programmable thermostat, simply adjust its settings while away. This will take a load of the cooling system and drastically lower your electric bill for the month. You can also control the temperatures for your dogs and cats if they are not coming along for the trip.

Leave your AC system on automatic as opposed to on. This will maintain its current schedule without suddenly spiking up your home’s electric bill. Keep your system at 78 degrees for optimal comfort and cooling in multiple rooms.

Give Your Home Air Conditioning System A Little TLC

Even if taking pets along, do no turn off your HVAC system. Again, this will increase the humidity and moisture levels on your home. Instead, open your doors and windows for cross-ventilation if desired. This will remove any stale air without affecting the integrity and performance of your AC system. You can then set your system’s temperature and schedule so you and yours return to a cool, comfortable home.

Home AC systems are a worthwhile investment that must be protected at all times. While regular servicing and maintenance are essential, there are ways to protect your units year-round. You can increase system performance by controlling temperatures while away or at home. In addition, you will always have acceptable humidity and moisture levels. It’s as simple as buying a programmable thermostat or contacting your local HVAC specialists for assistance.



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