4 Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat

Homeowner Benefits of Oilheat | Point Bay FuelOilheat comes from a number of different heating oil sources. Many homeowners are familiar with oilheat, although some have never experienced what an oil heated home actually feels like. Many older homes were built with natural gas heating systems; these systems are efficient to an extent, but they simply don’t provide the same benefits that an oil heating system does. Oilheat for homeowners offers a number of benefits over the gas heating methods, we’ve listed just a few of them below.

Benefits of Oilheat for Homeowners

1. Efficient Delivery
Home heating oil systems require delivery of oil to the residence in order to keep the heat running; and Point Bay offers automatic delivery as part of our service. We calculate the expected usage and consumption of the fuel and deliver to your home at regular intervals to ensure that there is always heat on inside the home. We can also perform special deliveries before expected storms as well as emergency heating service so that in the case of isolation you don’t have to worry about the heat going out unexpectedly.

2. Safety
Gas is explosive, that’s something that’s common knowledge the world over. Oilheat, by comparison, is a safer alternative. Heating oil doesn’t have the propensity to burn the same way gas does. Recent advances in heating oil technology have made these fuels even safer to store in a large quantity near your home. New Jersey residents who use heating oil for their winter warming needs don’t have to worry about gas leaks, and that makes all the difference in the world to your family’s safety.

3. Comfort
Oilheat produces a lot of energy from its combustion. New fuels developed for oilheat create an estimated 120,000 to 140,000 British Thermal Units per gallon of fuel combusted. This is more than enough to warm a large portion of a home while at the same time limiting the amount of fuel you use to do so. In addition, heating oil combusts at almost 300 degrees more than natural gas, meaning that you get a lot more value for your money when burning heating oil. With current efficiency raters of as much as 95% with some brands of heating fuel, the question is why haven’t you changed over to the new standard as yet?

4. Economical
One argument that challenged oilheat in the past is that it could be expensive to maintain and operate. Older oilheat systems used to suffer from a lot of inefficiencies, starting with the cost of the fuel itself. But because the US has started producing more oil than they import, the cost of heating oil has been on the decline, and last year it was actually at its lowest point in a six year period. This trend is likely to continue, meaning that the savings you get from installing a heating oil system only stands to increase as time goes on. There is no better time to install an oil heating system than now.

Point Bay Home Heating Oil

As a means of heating a home or business, oilheat is by far the best solution, both economically and environmentally. The industry has revamped itself to be a much better alternative for warming up your home. With more research going into efficient fuels and lowering emissions from them, it’s obvious that this is the wave of the future for warming buildings. Contact Point Bay Fuel in Ocean County, NJ today to experience the amazing benefits of oilheat for your home comfort this winter.