3 Reasons to Choose Heating Oil for Your Business

3 Reasons to Choose Heating Oil for Your Business | Heating System ExpertsBusiness owners must factor in a number of considerations before making any major business decisions. It’s important to consider the health and safety of employees, make cost-effective choices, and it’s important to also think about the impact each choice you make will have on the environment and on society’s future.

When it comes to selecting a heating system for your business, the choice is becoming easier all the time. Heating oil is safe, it is cost effective, and it is evolving into the most environmentally responsible fuel available. And when you provide a comfortable environment for your employees, you’ll also boost productivity!

1. Using Heating Oil is Safe and Efficient

Protect your workers by choosing oil. Unlike other fuels, oil heat is not flammable and is non-explosive, reducing risks to employees. A leak or spill will not produce fumes lethal to those breathing them in. Properly maintained heating systems will not leave odors or produce dirt to sully your business.

Advances in technology mean oil heat is also extremely efficient compared to natural gas or electricity. Because oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas, it will heat your business much more quickly; sparing employees those chilly Monday mornings after the heat’s just been switched on.

2. Go Green by Switching to Heating Oil

A properly maintained heating oil system burns cleanly, keeping soot inside the tank and resulting in almost zero emissions. In fact, the emissions from heating oil are so low they aren’t even regulated by the federal government, meaning you can tell your customers that your business is reducing its carbon footprint by switching to oil.

Oil is going greener all the time; new technologies are combining lower sulfur oil blends with biofuels to create one of the cleanest existing fuels.

3. Upgrading to an Oil Heating System is a Cost Effective Choice for your Business

Oil technology is constantly evolving, and advances over the past 30 years have helped customers cut their consumption by more than 30 percent. Add to that the fact that oil heating systems are made to last 30 years or more if properly maintained, while the average natural gas furnace needs to be replaced after 15 years, and it’s easy to see that your costs will be less in the long run.

Choosing a full service oil company like Point Bay will help keep your costs even lower. Rather than simply selling heating fuel, we offer service agreements that cover annual tune-ups and normal wear and tear, helping reduce the need for major repairs and making your system last longer.

Never Run Out of Fuel with Automated Heating Oil Delivery

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. Sign up for automatic deliveries and let Point Bay Energy, Heating and Cooling monitor your tank to make sure there’s always fuel available. Call (732) 349-5059 or contact us online to sign up for automated heating oil delivery today.