Roth Double-Wall Oil Tanks: What You Need To Know

image of roth oil tank logoIn today’s day and age, single wall storage tanks are becoming an issue due to environmental concerns and tank integrity.

Here we are going to discuss a single wall tank and Roth’s double-wall tank, and why a double wall tank is the best choice you can make.

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Issues With Single Wall Tanks

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Single-wall steel tanks are standard. You see them in a lot of individuals homes as that was the norm, years ago. As technology improved in the last ten years, so did the technology for oil storage tanks. With single wall tanks, you run the risk of:

  • Corrosion Caused By Oil And Sludge: Moisture can get into the tank, and since oil is lighter than water, the water will sink to the bottom, making it easier for it to corrode your tank.
  • Environment Issues: Nothing is protecting your home and the environment if the single wall tank breaks down due to corrosion, costing potentially thousands of dollars in clean-up fees.
  • Rusting: Rust is always a concern due to outdoor elements. The presence of rust is inevitably going to occur, causing a single wall steel oil tank to be structurally unsound.
  • 15 Year Lifespan: These tanks won’t last forever. On average, single wall tanks last 15 years before significant problems can occur. Whether it be sludge build-up or rusting, you will need to replace your tank.
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Benefits Of A Roth Double Wall Oil Tank

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Technology in the heating oil industry made a huge leap with the addition of double-wall storage oil tanks. Roth double-wall tanks have two tanks in their units to keep the integrity and safety of their design.

Being so confident in their storage tanks, they have a 30-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects and any failure of the tank due to workmanship related issues or internal corrosion.

Not only do they have the best-in-class warranty, Roth also has a $2 Million Insurance Guarantee for any oil spills causing environmental impacts. They are that confident in their storage tanks! Some of the best features of the Roth double-wall storage tanks are:

Galvanized Steel Outer Tank

This roll seamed tank is built to last, with it being corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and rust-resistant. Meant to take punishment and keep the inner tank in perfect working order.

High-Density, Blow-Molded, Seamless Polyethylene Inner Tank

The inner tank is created out of a material that is free of corrosion and is leak-proof, helping to prevent any oil spills or leaks. The seamless Polyethylene inner tank creates a 50% lighter unit than standard steel tanks.

Individual or Group Tank Options

Whether you have a smaller family only needing one tank or have a large family needing multiple oil tanks, Roth has the options to meet your demands for fuel oil.

Fittings On Top Of Tank

By having the fittings on the top of the tank, there is less likelihood of spills. Most standard tanks have their fittings on the bottom, which can lead to oil spills if a kid decides to use the connection fittings as a step.

Ultrasound Tested

Not just factory tested, but going through ultrasound testing guarantees the build is up to Roth’s standards. Seeing any possible abnormality in the design before ever leaving the factory.

30-Year Warranty

The best warranty on the market by covering all defects in manufacturing or workmanship related issues for 30-years. Even includes the improbable corrosion of the inner tank.

$2 Million Insurance Guarantee Against Environmental Damages

One of if not the only company offering such an insurance guarantee of $2 Million against any spills causing harm to the environment.

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Final Thoughts

Roth USA delivers on everything they promise in their double-wall oil tanks, with it being the best available heating storage container on the market. With the features they offer, build quality, to their warranty, you couldn’t go wrong with choosing a Roth double wall oil tank when looking to purchase a heating oil storage tank in your home. Choose safety and security for both your family and the environment, choose Roth.

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