How Much Does An Oil Tank Upgrade Cost?

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The fall and winter months put a heavy burden on heating systems. It is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your heating system is ready for it. If you use heating oil, then you also must consider your oil tank. Experts recommend that all homeowners check their tanks regularly. This is especially important for homeowners who have tanks that are over a decade old.

In some cases, when your heating oil tank reaches the end of its expected lifespan, getting an oil tank replacement is crucial. However, many homeowners are a little hesitant because of the cost. Roth, a manufacturer of one of the most prestigious oil tanks in the market, is a name that most homeowners seek out. So, what are Roth oil tank costs? Let’s take a look.

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Roth Oil Tank Costs

On average, the cost of getting a heating oil tank replaced with a Roth oil tank is $3,500. The cost to install a 275-gallon tank will range from 3,000 to $3,400. The cost may seem steep but keep in mind that Roth heating oil tanks last up to 15 years or longer with extra good care. That is actually an excellent return on your initial investment.

Proper Roth Oil Tank Selection

One of the most critical steps you need to take when it comes to heating oil tanks is making the correct choice. First, consider the tank location. Is your current tank indoors or outdoors? Outdoor oil tanks are susceptible to the damages inflicted by the elements. However, how long they will last will largely depend on how they are built. Roth has state-of-the-art double-wall tanks that eliminate the risk of spillage, ensuring that the unit remains reliable for a long time.

Next, consider size and capacity. The size of the oil tank should match your usage rate. To determine your needs, talk to a professional, like Point Bay Fuel. We can come to your home to offer you a free consultation. We will always recommend a tank size that can accurately meet your needs.

All in all, you want a tank that will not only last but will remain efficient and reliable for many years. Who the manufacturer is will also matter. The most reliable heating oil tank manufacturers have built their reputations over the years. These oil tank manufacturers can offer a better deal in terms of products and services. Roth is certainly at the top of the list. Be sure to talk to Point Bay Fuel, an authorized Roth dealer.

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How Does An Oil-Tank Heating System Work?

The thermostat senses the drop in temperature in the room. If the temperature reaches the point below what is set on the thermostat, it will signal the heating system to generate heat to keep the home warm.

In an oil burner, the heating oil is pushed from the tank by a pump. The fuel is sent to the burner. The heating oil is transformed into a fine mist which mixes with the air. This mixture is injected into the system’s burner and ignited to produce the heat. The heat is later distributed throughout the home.

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Factors To Consider When Installing An Oil Tank

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Even the best-rated heating oil tank will not work up to 100% of its capability if it is not installed correctly. Certain factors affect the installation process and it is a good idea to keep these factors in mind. The oil tank installation company is just as important as the make/model of the oil tank. Therefore, be sure to choose your oil tank replacement company wisely.

Outdoor Or Indoor Oil Tank

Heating oil tanks are generally categorized as outdoor and indoor varieties. The type of tank you choose will be determined by the amount of space you have and the structure you already have at home. Keep in mind, though, that both outdoor and indoor heating oil tanks have advantages and limitations.

While an indoor oil tank is protected from exposure, it may take up a lot of space in your basement or garage. An outdoor heating oil tank, on the other hand, should be built strong and robust enough to ensure that it will withstand the elements. Roth produces superior oil tanks whose design takes up a minimal amount of space. Call Point Bay Fuel today for a free oil tank consultation.

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Aboveground Or Underground

Indoor oil tanks are considered aboveground tanks. However, if you want an outdoor tank, you will have to choose between an aboveground and an underground unit. Today, most oil tank experts will recommend an aboveground oil tank.

Understandably, aboveground tanks can be installed and accessed more easily. It is also necessary to ensure that installation regulations are met in terms of construction, code,  and materials used.

Underground heating oil tanks are kept away from sight.

These are the perfect options if you need to free up surface space. The tank is kept protected underground as well. However, examining the tank is difficult, so any problems with the unit may not be readily determined. Furthermore, the installation and removal of underground units tend to be more difficult and expensive.

Local Heating Oil Service

Is service readily available in your area? If it is, are the technicians well-versed about the type, make, and model of the heating oil tank you have? With Point Bay Fuel, you are assured of a reliable and accessible supply that will keep your heating system working regardless of the season.


Oil Tank Location

The location of your oil tank is dependent on certain variables such as the size of your home or yard, availability and placement of supply lines, and local weather. If you are unsure about where to install your oil tank, talk to our technician for advice.

How To Install An Oil Tank

Never attempt to install a heating oil tank on your own. This is a job best left to professionals. A professional installer knows the best and safest way to manually handle the unit while meeting local codes and regulations. When it comes to installation and removal, always call a professional to do the job for you.


Sooner or later, your trusty heating oil tank may require a replacement. A new one is actually a good investment because it is reliable and comes covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. A tank upgrade can give your home a much-needed boost and ensure that you remain safe and comfortable even during the coldest months.

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